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Mr. Sark on Halo 3: ODST

Story by JEA13


If you are a hardcore Halo fan, you will certainly have worries about the quality of Halo 3: ODST gameplay. After reading this post, forget about them.



Let's start the hard way. The most noted issue of the sequel is the absence of the key trilogy characters like Thel 'Vadamee and Master Chief. Well, their appearances have started to bore people anyways. They are also boring characters to follow. With the new, exciting single-player features, you get to play 5 marines, 5 heroes of the UNSC ODST group in any order you choose to!

Another, maybe stupid aspect of the plot is the absence of the Elites and their weapons. Now look at this: Bungie prepared us for this with Halo 3, where Elites were extremely downgraded from every Covenant cutscene to only 3 levels... it's like Bungie had planned this!

Nevertheless, the aspect Mr. Sark concentrated more on -as will every Halo fan- was Firefight, so I am going to concentrate on it as well.

"Fighting unlimited waves of increasingly difficult enemies is kind of flavor of the month right now, and that's essentially what Firefight is. But what makes it stand out is Halo's spot on control. It's just a pleasure to play that style of game in the Halo world."
— Mr. Sark

As you can see, the world of firefight will be more amazing that you would imagine. That is confirmed by someone who has experienced the mode before the game was even completed! No more simply advancing and pwning like in campaign. This multiplayer teamwork "playlist" will teach you what a real battleground looks like; the thing Halo does best!

Firefight is also a strategy paradise mode. There you will learn about flanking maneuvers, taking cover (be careful, it may fall on your head! Don't laugh, I'm warning you, this happens...), switching cover depending on the enemies' placement, counter-attacking... or simply charging and dying if that's you. And you can do this all with a bunch of friends who will constantly yell at you for the singlest mistake!

Also, guess what: you can still get a Killionaire. Just make sure you get yourself some Grunts...

For more info, this is the video you must refer to!

You stay frosty Halopedia!


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