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Malcolm Thomas-Gustave

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Malcolm Thomas-Gustave

Malcolm Thomas-Gustave is an animator who worked for Blur, the animation company that did the Halo Wars Announcement Trailer.[1]

For the trailer Malcolm did the following[2]:

  • Spartan - Complete Rig
  • Elite - Complete Rig
  • Marine - Complete Rig
  • Marine Pack - Complete Rig
  • Warthog (ATV) - Complete Rig
  • Scorpion (Tank) - Complete Rig
  • Pelican - Complete Rig
  • Ghost - Complete Rig
  • Banshee - Complete Rig
  • Shortsword - Complete Rig
  • Weapons - Complete Rig


"I was actually gonna go to school and become a chef but at the last minute changed from that course and now I'm trying to get a job working on movies that I've always loved." -- Malcolm Thomas-Gustave.

Malcolm was born in New Orleans, raised in Kentucky and was inspired to enter the animation field by his love of movies. He almost loves food as much as movies and came close to being a chef.

A graduate of Full Sail's Computer Animation program in Orlando, FL, he starting working in the "biz" when he was hired on Sept 12, 2004 at then on September 26, 2005 he started working for Blur in Venice, CA which is where he did his work on the Halo Wars Trailer.


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