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MEGA Brands Halo Toys/Rebuilds

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An index of "Rebuilds" MEGA Brands Halo Toys.


Rebuilds are official mergings of MEGA Brands creations. Often taking two sets and creating something new with them.

96937 + 96923 Rebuild[edit]

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97029 + 97011 Rebuild[edit]

97131 + 97133 + 97170[edit]

This set creates a booster frame.

  • N/A

97068 + 97699 Rebuild[edit]

Incinerator Cyclops (DPJ86) and Strike Cyclops (DPJ87)[edit]

Desert Sniper Cyclops (DXF02) rebuild[edit]

UNSC Builder's Forge[edit]

UNSC Chicken Walker[edit]

This is a merger between Kinsano Cyclops Raid and the UNSC Hornet Blitz.

  • N/A instructions