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Here is a list of quotes from Lydus.

Halo: Escalation[edit]

Issue #1[edit]

  • "These tribes take what they are owed! Nothing more!"
  • "This is an outrage!" – When the summit is attacked
  • "What treachery is this, Arbiter?! Are all your promises built from lies? Or just the ones to the Jiralhanae?"

Issue #2[edit]

  • "Maybe, Arbiter, you've discovered how to reconcile the Sangheili's promises of peace with your failure to reign your own kind?"
  • "Help?! You'd hide, even as our ships may suffer fates worse than ours?" – To Lord Hood, when he suggests they should wait for extraction
  • "Wait. If there is honor to be had, it should be shared by all!" – To Palmer, when she orders DeMarco to eliminate all remaining hostiles in the area
  • "Bah. We do not take orders from you, human." – To DeMarco, when he orders Lydus and his allies to stay with Fireteam Jackknife
  • "Spartan, what is your plan?" – To Palmer
  • "Tell me, Arbiter—you would negotiate to have the Jiralhanae place their welfare in your hands—yet what assurances—what security—have you been able to provide, even on this one world?"

Issue #3[edit]

  • "So tell me, Arbiter—has the complete failure of this summit satisfied your lust of the Jiralhanae's resources?"
  • "Your sudden interest in our welfare reeks of fear. Nothing more."
  • "And so you'd play kingmaker, then? I hunt with my kin. And I will die with my kin. I will not disgrace them with politics." – To Lord Hood
  • "So you know, Spartan—mine will be the hands that tear you screaming from this world." – To Vladimir Scruggs after he holds Hood at gunpoint.