List of REQ cards/Armor Mods

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Image Name Rarity Energy Cost Description
H5G-ArmorMod-AdvancedSensor.png Advanced Sensors Common 6 energy Motion tracker is now compatible with Smart-Link, and both range and sensitivity is enhanced. In addition, you are harder to detect on enemy Motion Trackers.
H5G-ArmorMod-Auto-Medic.png Auto-Medic Common 4 energy Increased shield recharge rate and health recovery.
H5G-ArmorMod-Death From Above.png Death From Above Uncommon 3 energy Upgraded stabilizers with increased hang time and full stall. In addition, the Ground Pound attack charges faster and has increased damage, knockback, and launch speed.
H5G-ArmorMod-UpgradedShields.png Upgraded Shields Uncommon 6 energy Increased shield strength.
REQ Card - Frag Grenade Expert.png Frag Grenade Expert Rare 4 energy Start play with 3 Frag Grenades. Your maximum Frag Grenade capacity is increased.
H5G-ArmorMod-Grenadier.png Grenadier Rare 3 energy All of your grenades are extra-powerful. As a safety precaution, you also take reduced damage from grenade explosions.
REQ Card - Reflex Enhancers.png Reflex Enhancers Rare 5 energy Increased weapon handling speed and you can reload while sprinting.
H5G-ArmorMod-SplinterGrenadeExpert.png Splinter Grenade Expert Rare 4 energy Start play with an additional Splinter Grenade. Your maximum Splinter Grenade capacity is increased.
H5G-ArmorMod-Wheelman.png Wheelman Rare 6 energy Any vehicle you are seated in quickly recovers from EMP effects and has increased damage resistance. Damage resistance stacks for each passenger using Wheelman.
Patrol Case Ultra Rare 3 energy You carry additional ready and reserve ammo for all loadout weapons. Requisition weapons have increased ammo reserves if you equip the same weapon twice.
H5G-ArmorMod-PlasmaGrenadeExpert.png Plasma Grenade Expert Ultra Rare 4 energy Start play with an additional Plasma Grenade. Your maximum Plasma Grenade capacity is increased.
H5G-ArmorMod-SpeedBooster.png Speed Booster Ultra Rare 4 energy Increased movement speed and jump height.
H5G-ArmorMod-UpgradedThrusters.png Upgraded Thrusters Ultra Rare 5 energy Reduced cooldown on thruster evade. Faster sprint and can recharge shields when running.
H5G-ArmorMod-IncreasedStrength.png Increased Strength Legendary 5 energy Extra melee and Spartan charge damage. Your Spartan Charge has extra range.