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Jim McQuillan is the producer/director who worked on Making of Halo 2: The Documentary and Halo 3 ViDoc: Finish the Fight.[1]

James McQuillan, principal of Film Oasis, has worked for nearly 20 years producing documentary films. After gaining experience in television production in Washington, D.C., he moved to Los Angeles where he worked as Head of Post Production, Executive in Charge of Production, Producer and Executive Producer at ABC/Kane Productions International. Of the many awards received by ABC/Kane, McQuillan's contributions helped the company earn four Emmy Awards, four Genesis Awards, seven Cine Golden Eagle Awards, and a Jackson Hole Film Festival Award, among others.

During his seven years at ABC/Kane, McQuillan supervised more than 60 hours of programming for ABC Television, ESPN, Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet and PBS. Projects for ABC included 28 specials in the Series "World of Discovery", "Tales from the Tomb" with Hugh Downs, "Reader's Digest: On Television" and "Chariots of the Gods? The Mysteries Continue". In addition, McQuillan was responsible for co-productions of the acclaimed Discovery Channel Special "Free Willy: KeikoÕs Journey Home," and the docu-soap "The Great African Wildlife Rescue", a series of 13 half-hours now airing on Animal Planet and the international Disney Channels. He also supervised production on "The Mysterious World", "In Pursuit of the Shroud" for TLC, and "Tattoo! Beauty, Art & Pain" for the Discovery Channel.

When asked what it was like being with the Halo team while filming for the Making of Halo 2 he said he "was blown away watching the Bungie team trying to cope with all the pressure -- 'when is the game coming out; how can you top Halo?' The pressure was intense ... The Bungie team was living through these tremendous ups and downs -- and we were there to watch and capture it all. Bungie is an incredibly private studio, and we were the very first to get inside their doors."

Jim used to work at Film Oasis, but is now a full-time Bungie employee.

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