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I Know You


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I Know You is an original song written by American singer-songwriter Jake Smith, better known for his stage name of "The White Buffalo", created for the Know Your Enemy trailer for Halo Wars 2. While the song was originally featured in the trailer, it was not featured on the game's Original Soundtrack and went unreleased for a number of years, until eventually being released on February 21, 2023 in celebration of the game's sixth anniversary.[1]

Alongside an official streaming release, the track was made available as a free download on Halo Waypoint, available here and archived below:


I Know You plays in the background of the Know Your Enemy trailer for Halo Wars 2, released in 2016.


I know you
We’ve been here before
No surprises, just settled scores
I know the darkness, from inside
Reckless rage, and poison pride
I know the weakness, I know the pain
I know the fear we do not name
And the one who comes to find me, when my time is through
I know you
Yeah, I know you

Production notes[edit]

The track's release was described as a "complicated" process,[2] which ultimately involved 343 Industries, Microsoft, Blur Studio, and The White Buffalo's record label Unison Music Group.[3] The track's release was something in-part spurred on by Alex Wakeford, who held its official release as a number of goals he wished to achieve after being hired by 343 Industries (among others such as the release of the Rebirth short story in PDF form).[4][5]

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