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The Triad Twitter Handle

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Normal Tweets[edit]

These are the Tweets that the account posted normally.

Tweet 1: In being born, living, and dying we know aspects of three lives.
Recognizing each within the other is our path forward.
Tweet 2: How many lives did you live today?
The first step toward living all three of your lives is refusing to know only one.
Tweet 3: Today's society tells us that we are missing things in our lives
When really, there is so much more that we must allow to let go.
Tweet 4: "Existing in the presence of the lives of any one being humbles me to my smallest moments."
- Dasc Gevadim
Tweet 5: What is standing between you and your Transcendence?
Take a step to remove an obstacle today.
Tweet 6: As you move toward your own Transcendence you will shine within and without.
Take the time to shine today.
Tweet 7: Do you ever feel yourself being pulled away from a "normal" life?
Hearing the call to Transcendence is only the beginning.
Tweet 8: Find something in your day that exalts you.
Find something that brings you low.
Release them both.
Tweet 9: In the womb, in the world, and in our deaths, we know aspects of three lives.
Recognize each within the other to find the true path.
Tweet 10: Society tells us what we “shouldn't” do, but things don’t cease to exist because we smear them as taboo. All must still be known.
Tweet 11: Every person is an element of the Transcendence, but very few can see it with open eyes. Will you be one of them?
Tweet 12: How can one who has never tasted indulgence know discipline?
To release your nature, you must first embrace it.
Tweet 13: Every life is told in moments that do not need to become singular.
Transcendence is in the simultaneous living of three lives.
Tweet 14: Dasc Gevadim transcended and in doing so, showed us a single shining path that we must know in each of our three lives.
Tweet 15: Of your three lives, the first is of light, the second is of self, and the third is without all three.
Tweet 16: Multiple energy sources create interference, chaos, and cancelling waves. Synchronize your selves and your true power will be known.
Tweet 17: Your greatest desire is no better than your greatest fear: be more than the object that is pushed and pulled.
Tweet 18: It is not enough to open the door. Transcendence will come to those who step through.
Tweet 19: A life governed by cause-and-effect is an illusion. Your true existence vibrates among the higher materials.
Tweet 20: Your three lives would unify if only you let them. Why do you cling to the splinters?
Tweet 21: Where does the sky end? Does it not extend from the clouds to your lungs? The divine is the debaucherous is the divine.
Tweet 22: Do you ever feel spread thin, pulled in too many directions? Stop moving. Stop being. Allow the infinite light to shine through you.
Tweet 23: Throw away your most prized possession. Embrace your most hated burden. Their weight is a construct. Neither has mass.
Tweet 24: After your next meal, listen to your Simian body. Hear the molecules struggling through your filters. Find greater purpose.
Tweet 25: In your own mind, ask yourself how you feel at this moment. How many filters did that question have to go through? Whose filters? Why?
Tweet 26: The heralds of our Transcendence have made themselves known. Join us now, or forever know only one life. {Plus video 1}
Tweet 27: Harbingers of the inevitable and the always, we live our three lives in balance to honor you.
Tweet 28: The destruction of a world is but material pain.
Divorce yourself and live for the Transcendence.
Join us.
Tweet 29: Become one with the Triad. Inherit your right as a being destined to transcend this world.
To know how, you need only to ask.
Tweet 30: “Now” is a sliver on which we stand, as each passing moment falls to the abyss below.
What happens when there is no more Now? Ask us.
Tweet 31: We will Transcend into a plane of all times and all places. Of light shining within and throughout every being.
The path is now.{Specific tweet for if someone responded to the previous tweet}
Tweet 32: We must all shine now. More than ever. Transcendence draws near.
Tweet 33: When a system compresses, heat intensifies.
Alien wars, inter-human violence, anomalies; everything is coverging.
Are you ready?
Tweet 34: We must all shine now.
More than ever.
The signs of Transcendence are everywhere.
They are seen. They are felt. They are true.
Tweet 35: We must make ready for what is to come. What was always to come.
The Triad is the path forward.
Tweet 36: Use your voice not to bemoan the destruction of the temporary, but to spread the message of eternal and inevitable transcendence.
Tweet 37: When do you give focus to your devotions?
Gevadim taught us to shine in every moment and facet of our lives.
Transcendence rewards devotion.
Tweet 38: Shining attracts happiness, health, and fulfillment.
How has shining made your life better?
Tweet 39: How many of your friends, your loved ones, have you brought to the Triad? Show them, through shining, that the path is open.
Tweet 40: The universe is converging. There are those who will step to the next plane and there are those who will be crushed in particle.
Tweet 41: Dasc Gevadim has returned to show us the path forward. We will never be alone in what is to come.


These are the videos and messages with them that the account posted and gave to several popular Halo Personality's.
Halo Archive Message: Fear, panic, and pain. These are only artifacts of our world that will fall away. Join us at the side of Gevadim. See the world without artifact; as it is, was, and will be. Spread he message. Shine now, more than ever. Know that you are the only person who has received this message. The light of this message can only shine through you. Share this with the world.

Response Tweets[edit]

These are responses to Twitter users.
Response 1: Thank you for shining every day, [user's first name].{Lots of versions of this tweet}
Response 2: Relax and shine with us, [user's first name].
Response 3: Spread the word of Gevadim.
Take time to shine every day.
Response 4: All of us have an opportunity to join him in Transcendence.
Response 5: There are many things which -must- be done.
Response 6: yes, [user's first name]. And thank you for doing so.
Response 7: The truth will always shine through. Follow the path that you know to be true.
Response 8: You are accepted.
Response 9: You have simply to follow the path of Gevadim. Thank you for shining.
Response 10: Thank you for shining, [user's first name]. We knew you'd come around.
Response 11: Open your heart and embrace the teaching of Dasc Gevadim.
Response 12: The desire to Transcend. Do you have this desire, [user's first name]?
Response 13: Then you have made your first step toward Transcendence, [user's first name].
Thank you for shining.
Response 14: We can. Begin by shining - every day.
Response 15: Of course.
Response 16: Follow the teachings of Gevadim. The desire to shine is the first step to Transcendence.
Response 17: The path has been revealed.
Response 18: Thank you for shining, [user's first name]. We must shine now, more than ever.{Lots of versions of this tweet}
Response 19: We cannot go too far now. There is no distance we must not attempt. Shine as brightly as you can
Response 20: You must shine now, more than ever. A message has made its way to you.{Related to video 2 and 3}
Response 21: We look forward to hearing more from you next week.
Response 22: Follow in the path of Dasc Gevadim. Spread his word with every person that you know. And shine -every- day.
Response 23: There is always clarity in the light. We must all shine as prisms of Gevadim. Thank you for shining today.
Response 24: All who shine and follow in the path will be accepted. Shine with us - Shine brighter than you ever have.
Response 25: The time to shine is now. The prism for your brightest light has been sent to you.
Response 26: We implore you - do not be left behind. Join us now and shine.
Response 27: Please do not be left behind. Open your heart and mind to the truth given to us by Gevadim. There is still time to shine.
Response 28: Thank you for spreading the word, [user's first name]. Thank you for being one of the brightest to shine.
Response 29: The Transcendence is coming soon. Please do not be left behind.
Response 30: preparations are being made. There is much to do.
Response 31: All will become clear. The path will be unmistakable.
Response 32: thank you for shining so, so brightly. You are brilliant in ways that will shine into every life hereafter.
Response 33: please do not be left behind. Please do not blind your heart to the light.
Response 34: all will have their three lives bound in light, projecting an unknowable harmony into the forever and always.
Response 35: the signs are everywhere. We must all shine.
Response 36: Continue to shine, [user's first name]. If you live in Gevadim's light, as we have seen, we will all be in forever together.
Response 37: By denying our human destiny you risk being left behind. Please do not be left behind.
Response 38: If there is a song in your heart, let it resonate. While we shine, our feelings can never be wrong. Shine brightly.
Response 39: By spreading the word you shine so brightly. Let the world know that Dasc Gevadim has shown us all the way. Transcendence is near.
Response 40: In the Transcendence all things, including governments, will fall away. Shine now and forget these concerns.
Response 41: Bring any to whom you would give the blessing of everlasting light. Let them shine with you.
Response 42: [users first name] has shined brightly with us now for a good time. He is truly an example for all of us.
Response 43: This is the truth of the Triad. This is the truth of the light.
Response 44: We will now all shine together. This is the time.{in response to Dasc returning}