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how come you didn't add cchristianTP to the list, since he's the alternate contact? Phil.e. [Talk to me] 15:52, 26 June 2007 (UTC)

never mind... Phil.e. [Talk to me] 02:04, 28 June 2007 (UTC)

Op + Ryan = GoOd[edit]

Just low level or what ever it takes to ban some one, but i'd take just enough to kick. I think i am needed because im simply on alot and there is never any op around when you need one and i cant find on #Wikia, there is 2 poeple who should be banned right now and there is no one stoping them. I'll do what ever it takes to become an op.--UoH|UNSCoH]] Colonel "Running Riot" Ryan File:Sm Sniper Rifle.gif]] BAM 05:56, 3 August 2007 (UTC)

Use the command listed on the page to see who has op access, that way you know who to look for. I've set it so all freenode staff do as well, so if there's any trouble just join #freenode and ask them to step in. For what its worth, I see you on quite a bit (meaning, there is an op on :P). -- Manticore File:Fleet Admiral.jpg|20px]] Talk | CSV 15:45, 3 August 2007 (UTC)
I didnt know about the #Freenod but i did go looking and it was awhile before the ops alrighty in the channel finnaly anwserd me. Myabe if i could just kick i think thats only level 10, that doesnt sound like to much but then again i dont really know for sure.--UoH|UNSCoH]] Colonel "Running Riot" Ryan File:Sm Sniper Rifle.gif]] BAM 16:40, 3 August 2007 (UTC)
Due to recent campaigning by you and JWR, I feel that it would be inappropriate to give you op access. Maybeh latar, tho, so this isn't a definite "no not evar nublol!!1!" --NOTASTAFF GPT(talk)(eating) 21:54, 7 August 2007 (UTC)

Alternate Contact[edit]

Though the position is basically useless, wouldn't it be more appropriate to have another Halopedia admin as alternate contact? -- Manticore File:Fleet Admiral.jpg|20px]] Talk | CSV 15:47, 3 August 2007 (UTC)

The raccoon and I have discussed this, and we both feel, for various reasons which I am too lazy (and too bizzy) to go over here, that it is better if he is the alternate. I have asked him to make Relentless the alternate if he becomes contact, although I see no reason why I would quit. --NOTASTAFF GPT(talk)(eating) 21:54, 7 August 2007 (UTC)

New Ops[edit]

Hello everyone!

Just a short message to let the other senior ops and the rest of the Halopedia community know that recently forgottenlord and ChristineV have been opped by Relentless.

As an addition to these new recruits, I myself have opped Phil_E, James-001, and HaloDude. All new ops have an access level of 10.


Manticore File:Fleet Admiral.jpg|20px]] Talk | CSV 13:25, 6 August 2007 (UTC)

Oh, and Jack_Phoenix has been re-opped. I believe RR opped him a while back, but he has since been removed. Anyways, I've restored him because he's often on the channel, and is usually found in #wikia by users needing assistance on #halopedia. -- Manticore File:Fleet Admiral.jpg|20px]] Talk | CSV 13:26, 6 August 2007 (UTC)

Phil_E has done things rather badly in the past, and I feel that we should wait before giving him op access--Relentless apparently agrees, having been the one to remove him from the list. James-001 is rarely around, and... no offense, HaloDude, as you haven't done anyfink wrong (as far as I can tell ;D =P ), I'm not sure if you're the best for this position... Jack_Phoenix definitely shouldn't be on the list (he has banned me from channels without reason, and I see no reason why he would not do that in #halopedia), and maybeh ChristineV should be removed, as she's only on the list 'cause she's dating Relentless... ;D =P But forgottenlord, IMO, is a responsible user who has helped us oot in the past wif his op access AND wif logs, so I see no reason to remove him, although his addition may have been premature. --NOTASTAFF GPT(talk)(eating) 21:54, 7 August 2007 (UTC)

You were banned from #swfanon for impostering me SquishyVic and making people believe that I and Vic were acting badly on #swfanon. I have talked with Vic about your ban and he agrees with me. If you want to, you can go talk to Vic about this. However, I do not tolerate impostering under any circumstances. I've had enough with Johnny the Vandal + his sockpuppets impostering me. So yes, there is a good reason for bans; I don't ban "just for fun".
How Phil_E has done things badly? He's a nice and helpful user who certainly has no intention to do harm. Everyone makes mistakes. It's life.
Adminship in general shouldn't be a big deal. Channel operator status shouldn't be either. #swfanon has several non-admins who are channel ops. There's no reason for them not to have op status. In my humble opinion, op status is given to users who are helpful and often on IRC. They may not always be wiki admins - and why should they be? If a wiki admin is rarely on IRC, but another user is often on, why should the wiki admin have op status and the non-admin shouldn't?
After all, I'm just a human and I do make mistakes. If you think there's something I've done wrong, please leave me a note about it on my Central talk page. --Jack Phoenix (Contact) 11:06, 9 August 2007 (UTC)


by usuing /msg ChanServ ACCESS #halopedia LIST on IRC, i found out that H*Bad is also an Op, but i dunno how to add him to the list kuz i dunno if heez high level or low level or what....

File:1_I_am_saving_up_for_this_-1.jpg|20px]] Guitarplayer001Contact MeSee where I have rocked out! 05:02, 14 August 2007 (UTC)

H*bad is not an op. His access level is -1, meaning he will be automatically de-opped by ChanServ (if SECUREOPS wasn't on) if another op tried to op him. Sorry to sound technical, but basically, H*bad isn't an op. -- Manticore File:Fleet Admiral.jpg|20px]] Talk | CSV 08:16, 14 August 2007 (UTC)

Sexual References[edit]

I assume it would be okay to discuss it in a general scientific way? Some stuff about Halo aliens does come up every now and again. It can be both on topic and respectful. --Dragonclaws(talk) 05:26, 2 January 2008 (UTC)

And mature, I would assume.Bllasae

Simon rjh[edit]

I'm requesting low-level op status because I am often on the channel when there are no other ops (possibly due to time-zones), and there have been occasions when spammers have come onto the channel and there is nothing we can do except /ignore. I am tolerant towards new users and give several warnings before requesting assistance from an op (if there is one on the channel). I will not abuse my position, only kicking when necessary and banning when there is no other alternative. If you feel I should not be an op, or it is too early, please tell what I need to do to meet the criteria and I will try my best to achieve it. Thank you. --UoH/Command Staff|General]] simon rjh 21:19, 24 February 2008 (UTC)

I'm ok with this. Other admins? -- Manticore (talk) 09:55, 1 March 2008 (UTC)
I'm actually glad somebody has requested this, we need a Halopedian to monitor the IRC when the majority of us are off sleeping or somewhere else. And he hasn't made any bad decisions on there, so I don't see a problem with him becoming an Operator. File:CT's Battle Flag - Distressed.JPG|25px]] Anthony I of the United StatesTalk 3/01/2008
Good to know that channel will be covered even when American operators are nocturnally unconscious. I quizzed him a bit today about technical and policy aspects of operatorship; he checks out. Regards, RelentlessRecusant 'o the Halopedia Team TALKMESSAGE 20:14, 1 March 2008 (UTC)


Now, before you stare at this with your upper lip trembling due to an effort to not laugh, bare with me here. When there's a lack of Ops present, there's a new breed of idiocy plaguing the channel. All we do is /ignore them, but there are some people who don't (and will most likely never make an effort to) know how to do that, and like I did, they may find it slightly embarrassing to have to ask a veteran user how. On the subject of veterans, I've been here a long time, and I think I've proven myself more than capable to handle the stress that is a #Halopedia op. So, in closing, consider me. --Kwarsh File:Gruntiness.jpeg|35px]][Talk to me!] - [Stuff I've done!] 17:56, 1 March 2008 (UTC)

I support it, he's a good Halopedian as well as trustworthy (LAWL) and funny. File:CommanderTony Logo.PNG|25px]]UoH|General]] Tony, Administrator of HalopediaTalk 3/03/2008
Oppose. I've seen you with ops. You fail. -- Manticore (talk) 12:55, 17 March 2008 (UTC)
I'm sorry, what? --Kwarsh File:Gruntiness.jpeg|35px]][Talk to me!] - [Stuff I've done!] 05:11, 18 March 2008 (UTC)


On #halopedia, there is a plauge of trolls and other users who don't know the rules. Yes, I know, you all say "Just warn them". The thing is, is that they never listen. Also, you may say "There are 21 ops on the channel, we don't need another one". But, most of those 21 ops are never there, and, if they are, they are either /away or just don't care. I was granted operator status once before, but it was revoked on the basis of "showing off" and "being immature". I am an operator on five active channels, and I am very experienced in IRC commands and protocol. I am almost always in the channel, usually from 4:15 - 9:00 on weekdays, and almost the whole day on weekends. I firmly believe that I am capable of handling the stress of being a #halopedia channel operator. -- Sgt.johnsonFile:General-gr1.gif|30px]] 01:27, 3 March 2008 (UTC)

I oppose, you are too immature to be a channel operator or a sysop. And I've held this opinion for a long time, so don't blame it on having PinkyBot kicked today. I was originally the one who silenced PinkyBot but RR told me to remove it, so I did. --Charitwo 01:54, 3 March 2008 (UTC)
Immature? How so? Please explain and provide evidence. -- Sgt.johnsonFile:General-gr1.gif|30px]]
I don't have to provide anything to you or anyone else. I'm entitled to my opinion and my vote stands. Oppose. --Charitwo 02:09, 3 March 2008 (UTC)
If you supported your statement, you'd tell him and the Administrators why he isn't "mature" enough. File:CommanderTony Logo.PNG|25px]]UoH|General]] Tony, Administrator of HalopediaTalk 3/03/2008
That means that your opinion is based on personal reasoning, and not fact. That makes your vote null and void. -- Sgt.johnsonFile:General-gr1.gif|30px]] 02:12, 3 March 2008 (UTC)
It's my opinion, it's based on several months of interacting on freenode, and overall I don't think you're mature enough for either. --Charitwo 02:31, 3 March 2008 (UTC)
Johnson's redaction of Charitwo's vote has been countermanded by me because 'no longer an operator' is not justification whatsoever. Further, I oppose Johnson's operatorship -- as I have said earlier for previous objections against him, to be honest, he's too immature and has undesirable personality traits, although his enthusiasm is somewhat enlightening at times. Tony says he is willing to work with Johnson to make him up to standards. However, if nothing else, what is below is a log of some of Johnson's conduct from tonight (March 4, Tuesday).

<sgt_johnson> * Churchreborn has quit (clarke.freenode.net irc.freenode.net)
<sgt_johnson> * ChanServ has quit (clarke.freenode.net irc.freenode.net)
<sgt_johnson> * ChristineV has quit (clarke.freenode.net irc.freenode.net)
<CF001|Rammstein> lol³
<sgt_johnson> * CF001|Rammstein has quit (clarke.freenode.net irc.freenode.net)
<sgt_johnson> * G-23|Away has quit (clarke.freenode.net irc.freenode.net)
<sgt_johnson> * CommanderTony has quit (clarke.freenode.net irc.freenode.net)
<sgt_johnson> * Paradox has quit (clarke.freenode.net irc.freenode.net)
<sgt_johnson> * Sgt_johnson has quit (clarke.freenode.net irc.freenode.net)
<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> Er...
<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> Net split TEs?
<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> Tesfan?
<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> TESFAN?!
<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> BUDDY?!
<sgt_johnson> <Tesfan> hi
<sgt_johnson> <Tesfan> BUFFALO????
<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> YES
<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> I'M ALIVE
<CF001|Rammstein> ???????????????????????????????????????????????
<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> I MADE IT
<sgt_johnson> <Tesfan> YAY
<sgt_johnson> <Tesfan> I say we kill RR and take over his job while no one is looking xD

  • CommanderTony (n=commande@pool-71-113-24-169.sttlwa.dsl-w.verizon.net) has joined #halopedia

<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> XD
<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> LETS DO IT!
<sgt_johnson> <Tesfan> RAWR
<sgt_johnson> * Tesfan pokes RR
<Churchreborn> \o/
<sgt_johnson> * Buffalosoldier92 destroys RR
<Tesfan> Hi Tony
<sgt_johnson> * Buffalosoldier92 parties
<Churchreborn> I was alone in here. xD
<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> W00T!!!

  • Charitwo (n=Charitwo@wikia/Charitwo) has joined #halopedia

<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> W00!!!
<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> WE SURVIVED
<sgt_johnson> <Tesfan> PARTAH

  • ChanServ gives voice to CommanderTony

<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> WE RAWK!!!
<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> PARTAY!
<sgt_johnson> <Tesfan> WE ARE LEGEND
<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> WE SURVIVED THE VIRUS
<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> WE
<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> ARE
<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> SPARTAAANS
<sgt_johnson> <Tesfan> RAWR
<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> DUDE
<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> HERE THEY COME!!!
<Tesfan> ack stop pinging dammit
<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> DUCK!!!
<Tesfan> XD
<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> JOIN FLOODAGGE
<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> DANG
<sgt_johnson> <Buffalosoldier92> STILL NTO BACK?
<sgt_johnson> * Buffalosoldier92 waits for hte others to rejoin
<sgt_johnson> rofl
<CommanderTony> Stop spamming...
<sgt_johnson> That was epicness
<CF001|Rammstein> wth is that
<sgt_johnson> On a grand scale
<sgt_johnson> Yes
<sgt_johnson> epicness
<sgt_johnson> ON A GRAND SCALE
<Tesfan> yes
<sgt_johnson> CT!!!
<sgt_johnson> THAT WAS EPIC!!!
<sgt_johnson> LETS DO IT AGAIN!
<Churchreborn> Damn.
<sgt_johnson> Myself, RR, and Tes survived
<sgt_johnson> It was epic
<CommanderTony> You guys don't know what Epic is....
<Churchreborn> I had to die in this channel. xD

  • sgt_johnson plays music

<CF001|Rammstein> sgt_johnson: Sh**t u
<sgt_johnson> I just died in your arms tonight
<Churchreborn> O.o
<sgt_johnson> It must've been somethin you said
<sgt_johnson> I just died in your arms tonight
<sgt_johnson> oh
<sgt_johnson> oooh

  • CF001|Rammstein is confiuse
  • sgt_johnson sings

<CF001|Rammstein> sgt_johnson: did you smoke something?

That conduct is clearly unacceptable, in my personal opinion. Regards, RelentlessRecusant 'o the Halopedia Team TALKMESSAGE 02:57, 5 March 2008 (UTC)
Gah, you don't understand. I crossed out Charis vote because Manticore removed him from the op list and put him on autorem. The netsplit thing was becasue of well... the netsplit. Also, I do acknowledge that I did something wrong, and I fess up to it. If I do it again, you can ban me from the IRC for life. -- Sgt.johnsonFile:General-gr1.gif|30px]] 03:00, 5 March 2008 (UTC)

I apologize for starting that, what RR didn't mention was that that was during a netsplit, when no one else except RR could hear it.

Ok, this was the net split:

  • Topic for #halopedia is: Welcome to #halopedia | Halopedia, the Halo Wikia - http://halo.wikia.com/ | Channel rules - http://halopedian.com/IRC | Countervandalism - #cvn-wikia-halo
  • Topic for #halopedia set by Manticore at Wed Feb 13 04:47:16 2008

<Buffalosoldier92> GAH...

  • Churchreborn has quit (clarke.freenode.net irc.freenode.net)
  • ChanServ has quit (clarke.freenode.net irc.freenode.net)
  • ChristineV has quit (clarke.freenode.net irc.freenode.net)
  • CF001|Rammstein has quit (clarke.freenode.net irc.freenode.net)
  • G-23|Away has quit (clarke.freenode.net irc.freenode.net)
  • CommanderTony has quit (clarke.freenode.net irc.freenode.net)
  • Paradox has quit (clarke.freenode.net irc.freenode.net)
  • Sgt_johnson has quit (clarke.freenode.net irc.freenode.net)

<Buffalosoldier92> Er...
<Buffalosoldier92> Net split TEs?
<Buffalosoldier92> Tesfan?
<Buffalosoldier92> TESFAN?!
<Buffalosoldier92> BUDDY?!
<Tesfan> hi
<Tesfan> BUFFALO????
<Buffalosoldier92> YES
<Buffalosoldier92> I'M ALIVE
<Buffalosoldier92> I MADE IT
<Tesfan> YAY
<Tesfan> I say we kill RR and take over his job while no one is looking xD
<Buffalosoldier92> XD
<Buffalosoldier92> LETS DO IT!
<Tesfan> RAWR

  • Tesfan pokes RR
  • Buffalosoldier92 destroys RR
  • Buffalosoldier92 parties

<Buffalosoldier92> W00T!!!
<Buffalosoldier92> W00!!!
<Buffalosoldier92> WE SURVIVEDM
<Tesfan> PARTAH
<Buffalosoldier92> WE RAWK!!!
<Buffalosoldier92> PARTAY!
<Buffalosoldier92> WE SURVIVED THE VIRUS
<Buffalosoldier92> WE
<Buffalosoldier92> ARE
<Buffalosoldier92> SPARTAAANS
<Tesfan> RAWR
<Buffalosoldier92> DUDE
<Buffalosoldier92> HERE THEY COME!!!
<Buffalosoldier92> DUCK!!!
<Buffalosoldier92> JOIN FLOODAGGE
<Buffalosoldier92> DANG
<Buffalosoldier92> STILL NTO BACK?

  • Buffalosoldier92 waits for hte others to rejoin

--That was the netsplit.

More of the log:

This was after the netsplit, I was explaining what went on:

  • Churchreborn (n=ChurchRe@67-150-143-132.stkn.mdsg-pacwest.com) has joined #halopedia

<Buffalosoldier92> OH GOD
<Buffalosoldier92> THEY CAME
-NickServ- Password Incorrect

  • Charitwo has quit (Connection reset by peer)

<Churchreborn> Damn

  • CF001|Rammstein laught at all

<CF001|Rammstein> i was the onlu on here
<CF001|Rammstein> only
<Buffalosoldier92> NO
<Buffalosoldier92> you weren't
<Buffalosoldier92> It was me, tes, and RR
<CF001|Rammstein> lol

  • Sgt_johnson has quit (Nick collision from services.)
  • You are now known as sgt_johnson

<Churchreborn> Netsplit
<CF001|Rammstein> lol
<sgt_johnson> That was actually one of the worst netsplits
<CF001|Rammstein> no so much

  • G-23|Away has quit ("CGI:IRC (EOF)")

For about 30 lines, I copied and pasted the log of what myself and Tes did.

<sgt_johnson> rofl
<sgt_johnson> That was epicness
<sgt_johnson> On a grand scale
<CF001|Rammstein> lol³
<CF001|Rammstein> ???????????????????????????????????????????????
<sgt_johnson> Yes
<sgt_johnson> epicness
<sgt_johnson> ON A GRAND SCALE

  • CommanderTony (n=commande@pool-71-113-24-169.sttlwa.dsl-w.verizon.net) has joined #halopedia

<sgt_johnson> CT!!!
<sgt_johnson> THAT WAS EPIC!!!
<Churchreborn> \o/
<sgt_johnson> LETS DO IT AGAIN!
<Tesfan> Hi Tony
<Churchreborn> I was alone in here. xD

  • Charitwo (n=Charitwo@wikia/Charitwo) has joined #halopedia
  • ChanServ gives voice to CommanderTony

<sgt_johnson> Myself, RR, and Tes survived
<sgt_johnson> It was epic
<Tesfan> ack stop pinging dammit
<Tesfan> XD
<CommanderTony> Stop spamming...
<CF001|Rammstein> wth is that
<Tesfan> yes
<Churchreborn> Damn.

  • sgt_johnson plays music

<CommanderTony> You guys don't know what Epic is....
<Churchreborn> I had to die in this channel. xD
<CF001|Rammstein> sgt_johnson: Sh**t u
<sgt_johnson> I just died in your arms tonight

--And that's more or less the end of that. -- Sgt.johnsonFile:General-gr1.gif|30px]] 03:19, 5 March 2008 (UTC)

Based upon the discussions I've had with veterans that I have respect for, I am withdrawing my nomination on account that there are clearly some areas I must work on improving -- Sgt.johnsonFile:General-gr1.gif|30px]] 22:50, 10 April 2008 (UTC)


Recently, there's been some back and forth addition and removal of Charitwo from #halopedia's access list. It's his understanding that all the other admins besides me support him having ops. We usually discuss this sort of thing privately via email, but in a case such as this I feel it's best if we discuss it on-wiki. -- Manticore (talk) 23:29, 5 March 2008 (UTC)

On wiki consensus for channel ops is one thing, but why exactly am I not allowed in the channel? Autoblock is totally unnecessary. Please remove it. --Charitwo 23:30, 6 March 2008 (UTC)


I am requesting Low-Level Operator status on the IRC. I am requesting this privilege because I am on the Wiki most of the time I am on the Halopedia site, and sometimes, there are no Operators at all online at the time, and many of the low-level operators are not even seen regularly. Also, I have gotten to know the IRC client and it's uses/features, and hope that, if accepted, I will be a great operator on Halopedia's IRC channel.Bllasae

RE: Bllasae[edit]

I would recommend you spend more time becoming more established with Halopedia before this, and i understand what you mean about what happened today. Ghost elite 06:18, 16 March 2008 (UTC)

With all due respect, I am established with Halopedia. I have over 500 edits, and I've been here since before the new skin, which unfortunately, is why many people came to Halopedia in the last month or so. I have also been here around a year, have voted on many topics, etc. etc.Bllasae

In my opinion, you are far too inactive on-wiki and on #halopedia to warrant having ops there. If we were looking for more ops, I really doubt you'd make the shortlist. -- Manticore (talk) 09:03, 16 March 2008 (UTC)

Actually, I'm very active on #halopedia. Maybe you just don't see me, or something?Bllasae
I would like to revive this request, please and thank you. Bllasae
I'm opposed to you becoming an operator. In the short time I've known you, your behavior has been littered with borderline spamming - case and point, pasting quotes from other channels. --forgottenlord 02:20, 11 April 2008 (UTC)
You deserve a better explanation than that. A large number of our rules require judgment calls and have a bit of flexibility to them in how they are applied. Things like borderline spamming are not cut and dry as to what is ok and what isn't. Posting a single quote from another channel over the course of a day I would probably let go, posting 5 within an hour I would take issue with. Posting 5 in a minute is clearly spamming. This kind of thing is very hard to teach at a direct level and is only acquired through experience and I believe we need to have an operator team that shows the experience with the rules to know what is and isn't a violation. Borderline spam is one of the least serious crimes, but one of the most regularly happening and too often, those that don't seem to recognize borderline spamming also don't seem to recognize far more serious scenarios like hostile environment, inappropriate discussions, and priority of Halopedia related discussions - things that can be just as subtle to the untrained eye. You have demonstrated a failure to recognize these scenarios in your own activities and adapt appropriately in only a handful of chat sessions with you and it is for that reason that I stand opposed to your operatorship.
On a different note one of the most effective ways to make me notice you as a potential operator is to help out moderators. Individuals like Johnson, ChurchReborn and several others have done so and while they may have deficiencies in other areas, it helps me gauge how aware they are of the rules, how well they understand them, and how willing they are to do what's right even if it might be unpopular. In this case, I haven't had enough time to say one way or another whether you have done this, but if you haven't and you're serious about wanting the job, I recommend you start. --forgottenlord 02:37, 11 April 2008 (UTC)
I wasn't posting quotes from other channels, I was posting the especially funny ones from Bash.org, an IRC quote database, for the entertainment, and laughs, of the community.Bllasae
It doesn't matter where you got the quotes from, it was spam. ChurchReborn 07:39, 13 April 2008 (UTC)
None of the operators online at the time complained, but instead laughed, therefore, I did not spam. Bllasae
Posting 5 or so lines in the same minute is SPAM. Even though people laughed at it, it was still SPAM. I dun know what ops were on and what not, probably away or summot, but it's spam. ChurchReborn 07:56, 13 April 2008 (UTC)
No, spam is something like below. Read the logbook there. I don't think that it should be included as spam if it is actual English.Bllasae
What is and isn't against the rules aren't necessarily what is or isn't permitted - often we'll let things go that are technically violations. In this case, you posted multiple lines of text from an external source in a short period of time that disrupted the flow of an active conversation. Furthermore, you did it multiple times in the same chat session. The fact that you fail to seem to recognize how it COULD be against the rules merely furthers my argument. The rules, for the most part, are fairly common-sense - don't disrupt the channel, don't gross people out, don't do anything illegal, don't attack others - in summary, be respectful and follow Freenode's rules. Most of the fights I get into with users over what they perceive to be unfair moderating are because they fail to realize how their actions are disrespectful to their fellow community members. I believe that this incident, too, is a case where there has been a failure to recognize how one's actions were disrespectful to the rest of the community. I can understand why someone might fail to see that, but for someone to be moderator material, in my eyes, they have to be able to recognize these types of situations both in their own conduct and in the conduct of those around them. --forgottenlord 16:16, 14 April 2008 (UTC)
I always follow the rules on #Halopedia, ask anybody who's usually online. A couple days ago, I helped 2 new users to #halopedia and IRC itself get settled in.Bllasae 22:45, 14 April 2008 (UTC)
Actually, I believe the point is that you don't follow the rules and you don't realize you're not following the rules. I'm not talking about your helpfulness, I don't think you understand the rules enough to be an op.
Honestly, the more I talk to you, the more my respect for you, my opinion of your maturity, continually drops. I do not believe you have the right attitude for the position, I do not believe you have the maturity for the position, I do not believe you have the knowledge and experience for the position, I do not believe you should be given the position, and I KNOW that I'm not the only person that thinks this - both within the community and amongst the operators. Yes, the admins make the final call, but I honestly don't believe you'll be getting the job in the near future and I sure as heck would be recommending against you getting the position until I see a change in your attitude and approach to the chat. --forgottenlord 01:13, 15 April 2008 (UTC)
Would you care to provide some examples?Bllasae 01:20, 15 April 2008 (UTC)
Another this is how you constantly ping me just for the heck of it even after I tell you to stop. It's like a flippin' car alarm going off when you and my taskbar flashes along with annoying red text. ChurchReborn 02:01, 15 April 2008 (UTC)
"Constantly"? Are you serious? It's really rare. I rarely ping anyone, actually.Bllasae 02:15, 15 April 2008 (UTC)

Abusive ban by HaloDude[edit]

I was in no violation of the irc channel rules, except one line of 1337 and one line of binary, seperated by several minutes during which normal conversation took place. HaloDude did not follow proper op procedure, as i recieved no warning, no warning kick, but was placed on ban first offense. I would like this blight to be rectified, preferably by removing my ban. Anyone who chats with me regularly knows i am not prone to any mishaps or bad behavior.

Yeah, I dunno what's going on. I'm also banned from the IRC for a reason I dunno.Bllasae

Actually, you were warned before for it when you posted your line of leet. You were also told by several users that you were annoying them. You failed to take these warnings, so your ban is completely of your own doing. Please find below a copy of the IRC logs, for future referance. I have taken out any logs that are of no use, though these can be provided if necessary.

  • <Paradox> 7|-|47Z \/\/|-|47 Z|-|3 Z41|) (0/\/\/\/\4/\/|)3R70/\/Y
  • <HaloDude> don't do that....
  • <ShadowyLeftHand> Paradox, I don't recommend the overuse of 1337 here. Someone will yell at you in three...two...one...
  • <Paradox> your wrong!

  • <Paradox> im not being an ass
  • <Paradox> right now
  • <HaloDude> You're being annoying
  • <Paradox> but i can if you want me to

  • <Paradox> HaloDude: you used to be decent, till you got access...
  • <ShadowyLeftHand> Paradox, you don't get it.
  • <ShadowyLeftHand> You acted like a n00b, so you get treated as such.

  • <Paradox> 01101000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111 00100000 01100101 01110110 01100101 01110010 01111001 01101111 01101110 01100101 00100001
  • ChanServ gives channel operator status to HaloDude
  • HaloDude sets ban on *!*n=Paradox@68.113.24.*
  • HaloDude has kicked Paradox from #halopedia (HaloDude)

HaloDude 20:09, 7 April 2008 (UTC)

Maybe it was because you were...ahem, SPAMMING you freakin' idiot! You deserved that ban. File:CommanderTony Logo.PNG|25px]]UoH|General]] Tony, Administrator of HalopediaTalk 4/08/2008


I, Lovemuffin, am requesting for the position of Low-Level Op. I know the administrators know who I am and my interests in anti-spam. I am respectful to users who deserve it, which is basically everyone. If I am a low-level op, I will warn a user of their vandalistic behavior before I take any action, giving them a window of opportunity to get their act together. I know that Administrators don't have all the time in the world to constantly moniter the IRC channels. I felt like I assist the Administrators and the ops with this matter. Thank you. LovemuffinUserWiki:Lovemuffin|Wiki Userpage]]Talk PageContributionsFile:Dancing_master_chief.gif|30px]] 00:43, 8 April 2008 (UTC)

Except for me...well, anyways, i support you! SPARTAN-118

You use IRC? O_o -- Manticore (talk) 01:53, 8 April 2008 (UTC)
Although able, I don't think Lovemuffin is suitable, as he's not on frequently enough and when he is on, there is at least one other op on that can do the same job. Sorry, UoH/Command Staff|General]] UserWiki:Simon_rjh|simon]] rjh 15:40, 8 April 2008 (UTC)
I'm going to have to say no on this, you're a nice guy who is easy to talk to, but you aren't on #halopedia enough. Sorry! File:CommanderTony Logo.PNG|25px]]UoH|General]] Tony, Administrator of HalopediaTalk 4/08/2008

Blemo and SpecOps306[edit]

Despite the opposition of some admins, I feel both of these candidates have received enough support from both the community and the admins that they could be considered legitimate "serious" contenders for the position of administrator. Given some of the things that have happened in the past with administrator behavior and the fact that we need new administrators to be performing moderation duties more than anything on Halopedia, I would like to suggest that these two be made operators until such a time as they become full admins or their RfA's are rejected (assuming no major infractions) so that they can be better evaluated for their moderator aptitude. --forgottenlord 02:46, 11 April 2008 (UTC)

Tick.JPG Done for Blemo. I don't think Specops306 uses IRC. -- Manticore (talk) 07:28, 11 April 2008 (UTC)
I've seen him on once. Don't know if he's registered a username or not.--forgottenlord 15:59, 11 April 2008 (UTC)

-NickServ- Nickname: Specops306
-NickServ- Registered: 3 weeks 6 days (10h 21m 30s) ago
-NickServ- Last Seen: 3 weeks 6 days (9h 26m 28s) ago
-NickServ- Last Seen Address: n=specops3@125-238-134-39.broadband-telecom.global-gateway.net.nz
-NickServ- Last Seen Quit Msg: "Java user signed off"
-NickServ- Nickname Options: Secure, AllowMemos, MemoNotify, MemoSignon

Umm, well, the nick is registered. Not sure if it is to him, though. ChurchReborn 07:06, 13 April 2008 (UTC)

I've got him on CGI:IRC with 125.236.136.* (7dee84*). Plus we know he's from NZ. It's probably him. --forgottenlord 17:04, 13 April 2008 (UTC)

His nick is registered, and I taught him some op commands back when he had his first RfA. -- The SargeMy Comm LineWhat I've done 17:23, 13 April 2008 (UTC)


After discussions with RR, I would like to renew my nomination of ChurchReborn for the position of operator. Despite the fact that CR has been limited from editing due to technical (read: dial-up) issues, she continues to be a notable presence on IRC who continually shows a calm and mature demeanor. She has stood up for operators in the past, has done what moderation she can as a non-operator and has been very active in trying to mediate disputes between users and moderators on several occasions. I'm aware that she's had incidents and run-ins with some moderators in the past and was a part of the "rebellion" (of which, two members have been forgiven enough to be handed ops already), but I believe her talents are wasted if we sit behind these differences that were all from the summer of last year. To my knowledge, since then she has had a clean record. --forgottenlord 05:51, 11 April 2008 (UTC)

I definitely support this. CR is on frequently and doesn't make irrational decisions like some other operators have in the past. Thanks, UoH/Command Staff|General]] UserWiki:Simon_rjh|simon]] rjh 19:25, 11 April 2008 (UTC)
I do not support her due to the fact that she might play favorites among some of the Halopedians on the IRC. Though that is my only reason why, if we perhaps gave her a trial, then I might change my decision on her. File:CommanderTony Logo.PNG|25px]]UoH|General]] Tony, Administrator of HalopediaTalk 4/11/2008
I would always recommend that ops be considered a "trial period" when initially handed out. I do not believe she is any more likely to play favorites than any of the other recent ops --forgottenlord 22:41, 11 April 2008 (UTC)
Um, CommanderTony, I might just say that everyone has the ability to play favourites. I personally am just as likely to play favourites as CR (for clear reasons), however, I was still nominated for administratorship. HaloDude 02:08, 21 April 2008 (UTC)

You know, to be honest, I never thought I would support ChurchReborn. However, recently, I've come to realize she is an exceptional individual — she has a precious integrity, and on numerous occasions, I've observed her give warnings and uphold the IRC rules, much more often than some of our current operators. CR has my sincere support. Regards, RelentlessRecusant 'o the Halopedia Team TALKMESSAGE 18:24, 18 April 2008 (UTC)