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Layout guide/Planet


Star system


The star it orbits

Orbital position:

The planet's position in the system, written in words


The amount and names of Natural satellites that orbit the planet



Diameter of the planet


Gravity of the planet. Should be displayed in this style: 1.0 G

Length of day:

Length of a day on the planet

Length of year:

Length of a year on the planet


Atmospheric composition. Should be displayed in this style: 1.0 (N2, O2, AR)

Surface temperature:

Average temperatures



Descriptor word for related on the planet


Species found on the planet

  • Transplanted or colonizing species should have "(Non-native)" beside it




Colonization date


Controlling government(s)


The opening section should state the basic locational information of the planet, such as which system it is in, which arm of the galaxy it is in, any sectors it is in. Any short summaries of the history, physical, geopolitical or other facets of the planet should also be put here to act as an introduction.

While not all the article or infobox sections will be applicable to every planet due to a variety of differences, care should be taken to make sure what information is available is organized in this format. Any specific examples of events or numbers are merely to represent the style for the page. Numbers, events people etc. should conform to what is known about the planet.



Should the planet have a lot of different names, spellings, or detailed information on how or why the planet is named, this section can be a good place to organize all that information.

Topography and ecology

This section should contain the physical information of the planet, such as the types of biomes and the flora and fauna on the planet.


A list of locations on or in orbit of the planet. A select few ways to display certain types of locations:

  • For cities with large amounts of sublocations: City name with link (In brackets, link to city navbox with the display word being "Locations", minus the quotation marks)
  • Named space stations should be italicized

Known residents

A list of people and families that have resided or were born on the planet. Links to the list of residents of constituent locations should be used in place if the list is long or there would be significant or total overlap.



Anything that happened millions or billions of years prior to the Great Purification.

Ancient history

What happened on the planet during the hundreds of thousands of years prior to the Great Purification. This includes the events of the Human-Forerunner wars and the Forerunner-Flood war as well as all the events leading up to and during the firing of the Halo array. Subsections for the Human-Forerunner war and the Forerunner-Flood war should be created if there is significant amount of related information.

Post-Great Purification

What happened on the planet between the Great Purification and 852 CE. This includes the events right after the firing of the Halo array, including the collapse of eco-systems, the reseeding of life on planets, the formative events of the Covenant, and human historical events that are explicitly mentioned in Halo media.

Depending on the faction/species, choose which one of the following sections (and related subsections) is most appropriate.

Covenant era

What happened on the planet between 852 CE and 2525 CE. To be used on planets that were under Covenant Empire control or planets controlled by one of the client species of the Covenant Empire.

Rise of humanity

What happened on the planet between 852 CE and 2525 CE.

Domus Diaspora

Main article: Domus Diaspora

Used to group events that took place between 2362 CE and 2494 CE.


Main article: Insurrection

Used to group events that took place between 2494 CE and 2525 CE.

Human-Covenant war

Main article: Human-Covenant war

What happened on the planet between 2525 CE and 2552 CE. This section focuses on the battles and various effects the Human-Covenant war had on the planet. Optional sub-section can be created specifically about a battle that took place on or around the planet if one occurred/there is enough information to warrant it.


What happened on the planet between 2553 CE and 2561 CE. This includes the events of the various post-war conflicts, including the Sangheili-Jiralhanae war, the renewed Insurrectionist efforts, and activity of pirate and raiding groups in this timeframe.

Created uprising

Main article: Created uprising

Subsection about the effects, battles and events of the Created conflict. This should cover the timeframe of October 2558 CE to 2561 CE.

Distant future

This covers any and all events after 2561 CE.

Government and society

Anything related to the individual governance of the planet, the planet's connections to interstellar polities, the culture, the economy and defense of the planet should be discussed here.


Any military bases on the planet, permanently stationed units, or any topics related to the defense of the planet from foreign or domestic threats should be discussed here.


Information related to imports, exports, trade, money, jobs, or the corporations that call the planet home should be put here.


Any information on the architecture, life of the people, entertainment, cultural events, or other related elements should be added here.


Information and links about multiplayer/arena maps, Firefight maps, Warzone maps, Campaign levels, and board game levels should be put here.

Production notes

Anything related to cut content, oddities about how the planet appears in Halo media, or behind the scenes information about the planet should be put here.


Information that could be incorporated in the previous sections should not be used here. Things like, the real-world origin of the name of the planet should be put here. If the information cannot in any way be incorporated into any of the above sections, it can also be added here.


Gallery linkbox should go here.

File:Image.format|Image description.

List of appearances

This is the list of all the Halo media the planet has appeared or has been mentioned in.