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This page was used as the April Fools' Day joke of 2007.

The Cabal polizei take down another Halopedian.

"A cabal is a number of persons united in some close design, usually to promote their private views and interests in a community by intrigue. Cabals are sometimes secret organizations composed of a few designing persons, and at other times are manifestations of emergence or emergent behavior in society or governance on the part of a community of persons who have well established public affiliation or kinship."
— Wikipedia's definition of Cabal.

The Cabal is the ultimate authority on Halopedia.

While officially Halopedia is very much democratic and community consensus is important, unofficially, it was agreed to create a Cabal who oversees the administration and the community as well.



  • RelentlessRecusant, Director
  • Esemono, Vice Director
  • Ed, CEO (That's Chief Editing Official for the acronym-challenged of you out there....)

Security & Intelligence



  • GHe, Central Wikia liason (Central Wikia administrator)
  • H*bad, Halo Fan Fiction Wikia liason (Halo Fanon bureaucrat)
  • Darth Tader, Gears of War Wikia liason (Gears of War bureaucrat)


  • Phil.e., Cabal Internist (Central Wikia administrator)
  • Red Death, Cabal Internist


The Cabal has the authority to:

  • Set official binding policy.
  • Endorse non-binding guidelines.
  • Issue statements.
  • Appoint and dismiss Cabalists.
  • Issue and revoke sysop and bureaucrat powers.
  • Appoint their spies on other Wikia wikis


The Cabal conducts discussions on all things between Wikia, Wikipedia, and the universe. From time to time, the Cabal, however will seek the opinion of the editors and contributors of Halopedia, but this is not going to happen often.

From time to time, a member of the Cabal will issue sysop power to regular contributors. This action serves three purposes: one, to allow the contributor to perform maintenance tasks such as removing pages made by accident; two, as a safeguard against vandalism: by having many administrators, we hope that vandals will be caught and blocked before they can cause significant damage; three, to IP-ban any users that begin to think about rebellion.

Significant disputes which cannot be resolved by negotiation will occasionally result in edicts being issued by the executives.

It's called Special:Blockip. Try to click on the link and see what its restrictions are...then how did RR get this? That, Halopedian, is the correct question.

Joining the Cabal

Joining the Cabal is by invitation only. We look for, amongst other things, an established reputation for expertise and a willingness to contribute more to Halopedia by more then just...*cough cough*...facts and figures.

Any Cabalist may motion to issue an invitation, provided it is seconded by at least one other Cabalist; however, all appointments are still subject to veto by the executives.


  • August 2006 - RelentlessRogue joins Halopedia.
  • September 2006 - RelentlessRecusant (RR) assassinates RelentlessRogue, and impersonates him.
  • December 2006 - RR becomes disenchanted with Halopedia and looks for help to overthrow Halopedia's ruling administration.
  • January 2007 - After winning Halopedian of the Month, RR hatches an idea with Rotaretilbo to launch a conspiracy. RR, by coercion, forces the three administrators into this conspiracy. Rotaretilbo finds mind-control machines and provides them to RR.
  • February 2007 - The Covenant of Halopedia is started. RR and Rotaretilbo find this completely unacceptable, and RR dispatches the Cabal polizei to either kill or capture Donut THX 1138, the leader of the new Covenant of Halopedia. Donut quickly submits to interrogation, and RR joins the CoH to maintain his cover. Donut earns RR's trust as a worthless video game player and useful pawn, and is instated as Director of Security. Other "friends" of RR are taken by the polizei. Furthermore, CaptainAdamGraves is taken by the cabal, but has/is resisting brainwashing for weeks! WTHalo?!
  • March 2007 - Jack Phoenix, a prominent Central Wikia administrator, approaches RR with an offer to expand the cabal's power. RR quickly agrees. All the peons of the Cabal are handed to him for paranormal weapons testing while Jack Phoenix helps the cabal to send spies to other Wikias to enlist support. H*bad and Darth tader of the Halo Fanon and Gears of War wikias, respectively, are made into underlings. There was the creation of the UNSC of Halopedia, but James-001 was on-hand to send the counterinsurgency commandoes to arrest the three heretic leaders, where they succumbed to mind control and now have been made figureheads of the Cabal.

Do Not Ask These Questions

Do. Not. Ask.
  • Where did Buz, AgentSeethroo, and Porplemontage go?
  • What is a cabal?
  • How did RR take control of Halopedia?
  • How did RR mind-control all of Halopedia's leaders?
  • Why did two Central Wikia administrators join RR?
  • Will the cabal take over Bungie.net?
  • Was the cabal responsible for Bungie.net's crash?
  • Can the cabal regulate distribution of the Halo 3 Beta, Halo 3, or Halo Wars?
  • Can I join the cabal?
  • What can the cabal do to me, my family, my goldfish, and my twice-removed aunt's girlfriend's English professor's sister's tutor's dog walker?


Hit List

No, the closeness of an AK-47 with the hit list is not a coincidence.
  • Haloman333 - "Let me say my opinions then. DOWN WITH THE CABAL. Don't you all realize that the Cabal is controlled by communist terrorists who have WMDs! History has proven communism hasn't worked in the past, and who wants to be afraid of somebody. Join the Anti-Cabal and help me take down those commies."
  • Mac10&cheese - "This means that we should strike into the heart of communisum with the fear of the FLOOD!,Brothers our prophets have betrayed us,Let us strike swiftly and end this heresey without incident!"
  • Manticore - "Here I am thinking that Relentless has somehow obtained checkuser on Wikia Central, tracked down the three admins, threatened their families, shot their pets and gained their passwords."
  • Spartan-091 - "(waves pitchfork and assault rifle over head) DOWN WITH THE REDS! DEATH TO THE HALOPEDIA COMMIES! DOWN WITH THE CABAL! Well, man, you got my support. I think this whole "cabal" is just a communist clique!"
  • SPARTAN-118 - "I thought that halopedia was not communist. Where in time did this happen...Oh, in 1940, Hitler took over Europe! Stupid Deja didn't teach me about the time before that."

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