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"If you'd rather discuss this with Admiral Friedel, be my guest. But I think we both know how that's going to turn out. And, frankly, I'd miss seeing you around."
Lieutenant Bartalan Craddog threatens a watch officer.[1]

Admiral Friedel was a United Nations Space Command naval officer and the commander of the Office of Naval Intelligence research and development station, Argent Moon.[1]


On January 19 of 2554, the archeon-class ancilla, Intrepid Eye, altered an intelligence finding concerning Operation: RETRIBUTION and Project SLEEPING STAR and made sure the station's A.I., Rooker, got it to Admiral Friedel.[2] Its continuation previously in question, Project SLEEPING STAR moved forward unimpeded from that point aboard the Argent Moon.[2] During Friedel's command it was not uncommon for his name to be invoked when making a threat, as making him aware of personnel infractions would most likely be not fortuitous for the offender.[1]

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