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BYZANTINE JARGOON is an information sanitization virus that is used to protect the identities of UNSC operatives.[1]


The BYZANTINE JARGOON virus was embedded in the medical records of individuals augmented by the ORION Project. The virus was designed to exploit UEG identity confirmation routines and routine medical diagnostics in order to protect the identity of operatives involved in the project. The BYZANTINE JARGOON restrictions made it more difficult to detect any implants that operatives may have. The restrictions existed to guarantee ORION operators anonymity despite their augmentations.[1]

The virus payload was tested and confirmed to be functioning when the ORION candidates traveled to the augmentation site in Seongnam and during subsequent follow-on missions.[1]

In 2510 Catherine Halsey made a request for data regarding the ORION Project and associated protocols. As a result her personal AI was upgraded to bypass the restrictions that the virus imposed.[1]

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