Audio log (Halo Infinite)/UNSC/Infinity/12

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// 98604-72690-TL
// INF-101
// DATALOG 121259_7140
// --'the Infinity has been compromised'--

[Sound: Alarm blaring. Gunfire. Footsteps.]

[Sound: Explosion.]

  • Griffin: Nice shooting, Captain.
  • Thomas Lasky: I was well trained.
  • Griffin: Alright sir, this is your bird. Let's get you out of here.
  • Lasky: My bird? We've got room and you still need a ride.
  • Griffin: Still have unfinished business here, sir. We'll make it down to the Ring though. Promise.
  • Lasky: See that you keep it, Spartan. Godspeed.

[Sound: Lifeboat thrusters activate. Alarm siren fade out.]

  • Lasky: This is Lasky to all hands. The Infinity has been compromised. All remaining crew should immediately evacuate and make for the surface. Rendezvous coordinates incoming.

[Sound: Beeping.]

  • Lasky: No matter what happens, we have to make sure that we-

[Sound: Transmission cuts off into static.]