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Are you Worthy? is the Swedish Microsoft marketing campaign for Halo 4 produced by State Interactive.[1] The website was used as a publicity for Swedish fans to answer a series of questions to prove their "worth", and win a ticket to the Halo 4 launch event in Stockholm, Sweden. The launch event on November 5, 2012, was set as a UNSC memorial service to John-117.

The Challenge[edit]

"Listen up, recruit. This is the Corbulo Academy of Military Science. You are here because you think you have what it takes. Let me tell you, I have seen many cadets thinking they can change the world. Very few of them actually do. Are you worthy? On November fifth we will honor the greatest man who ever lived. Only the ones who proved themselves worthy will get the opportunity to be present at this day. So, do you have what it takes? The camp's challenge course will take your abilities to the ultimate test, and only true Spartans make it through. Good luck, you will need it."
— General Jack Waters

Upon entering the website, users are greeted by General Jack Waters of the Corbulo Academy of Military Science. Waters describes the memorial service for John-117, which is actually the launch event of Halo 4 in Stockholm. Every half hour, a ticket becomes available for users to compete for.

The challenge is composed of ten randomly chosen questions about the Halo universe. The background begins with the view of Sol system from a UNSC satellite, and answering each question brings the view closer to Stockholm, Sweden. After answering the ten questions correctly, the winner enters his or her address. An invitation to the launch event is then sent to the user.