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RE: UNSC Army Ranks

From: Eric Nylund (eric@ericnylund.net)

Sent: Thu 8/23/07 8:14 AM


Well, I based the ranks in the novels off the US Army ranks structure, but I am not the final authority on this. Bungie certainly may modify and/or expand upon this as they see fit. Beside there wasn’t enough data presented in the novels to be called definitive.

I hope that helps.

All best wishes,

Eric Nylund


'Sent:' Saturday, August 18, 2007 8:37 AM

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'Subject:' UNSC Army Ranks

Hello Mr. Nylund! I am Sgt. johnson from halopedia. There is currently a disagreement between me, ColonelTony (You have recieved an e-mail from him before) and some of the administrators of halopedia. We are wondering if the UNSC Army Ranks are based off of the US Army or other countries or a conglomeration of ranks. Please Reply so we can get this matter settled.


Sgt. johnson

P.S. I bought Ghosts of Onyx and it is the BEST book I have ever read. I hope you can do a story on Gray Team!