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Idea: Halo Book Club

Mr Vociferous - 10/17/2010

And may I make a suggestion, Perhaps we should read First Strike before The Flood because on the timeline on Halo Waypoint it says the events in First Strike happen before the discovery of Halo
You've got those two mixed up. If the timeline on Halo Waypoint indeed states so, then the error is with them, but it's pretty clear from the cpntent in those novels that the Flood happened prior to First Strike.

Actually, if you look closely at the dates found in both books, you'll see that the latter portion of Halo: First Strike occurs on the revised date of 9/13/52, whereas the events of Halo: The Flood (and Halo: Combat Evolved) take place from 9/19 to 9/23. So technically speaking, the timeline on Waypoint is entirely accurate according to UNSC records. The explanation given in the books deals with time dilation and other relativistic effects which were introduced (and accelerated) by a Forerunner artifact found on Reach. All this being said, if you read closely you can see that even those explanations are insufficient to provide the full account, since humanity's understanding of slipspace is still very young. For example, on pages 247-248 of First Strike, you'll find that even Halsey and Cortana were at odds with each other when discussing what was causing this temporal discrepancy, if the crystal was the true source or even if it was, in fact, really September 13th to begin with, which remains an "estimated" or "revised" date to the very end of the book. All we know for certain is that the Master Chief and the remainder of Blue Team arrived at Sol prior to 10/20/52, which was the date that the events of Halo 2 kicked off. In terms of the book club, I'd definitely read The Flood prior to First Strike, because narratively speaking, that is the way they were meant to be read. I'm chatting with bs angel presently with respects to the novels and novellas and how such a book club might best be served in reading orders and such. Plus, I'd love to be involved in this little reading excercise. :-)

Clarification on MAC gun?

Mr Vociferous - 10/22/2010

Hey folks, moved this to Fiction because it makes more sense there.

A Puzzled Mind, you've got some great questions, but I think this one has been answered throughout this thread quite effectively by other users. The reality of MAC weaponry and asynchronous linear induction technology is that there isn't one particular model with one specific setting. Like any machine given in our contemporary, 21st century military, there are a variety of types of that weapon and there are several methods in which the weapon can be deployed or used. This means that situations like the ones seen in Halo: Reach, those talked about in the novels, and those depicted in the encyclopedia are not wholly and individually exclusive. They can all exist in the same universe. :-)


Mr Vociferous - 4/25/2011

She is based on a "real" and properly defined Spartan, but the appearance in the DOA game, for obvious reasons, is not canonical. That Spartan COULD be featured elsewhere, but there are no current plans.


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