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GrimBrother One - 4/6/2015

Just a note to let you know that we've corrected Stanforth's birthdate to be consistent with the easter-egg ONI plaque in Halo 3: ODST. His birth year was established using Halo: The Fall of Reach, not the plaque.

Also, we are aware that Stanforth is listed as a full Admiral as early as 2503 in Halo: Evolutions during a post-Covenant War ONI investigation regarding Preston J. Cole.




GrimBrother One - 5/15/2015

It's important to understand that things aren't really black and white in situations like these. There are times (many times) where visual differences have canon explanations built into them to enrich the universe overall. The different variations of Sangheili are one such example. The way that you see them depicted in H2A, H3, Reach, HW, H4, etc are all representations of how an elite can look in the universe. There will be times however, when limitations dictate the need to be more efficient with the use of assets, and something you see in a game might not necessarily represent the definitive canonical look for that thing/species/character etc 100%.

It makes for a much more relaxing and fulfilling overall experience if one is able to relax the rigid constraints we sometimes try to fit everything into. And trust me, no one is more conscious or concerned with creating and codifying "definitive" understandings of all the various elements in the Halo universe more than me lol. ;-) It is a balancing act though. It's a case by case basis. While in a perfect world, it would be awesome to have every character represented individually, and have all phenotypes of a species represented within a single game, the reality is that there is a hidden - but very real - "cost" to doing so. Hopefully fans are able to take in and appreciate the richness of the Universe both because of, and in spite of, times where something might not "look just right."





GrimBrother One -

I know 343 has listened to lots of their fan's suggestions and I actually believe that H5 might as well turn out to be the best Halo game ever, but I've also been a fan of the arbiter and his elites. I was so hyped about hearing that he would return, but now with the e3 showing how arbiter's elites look, I'm really worried.
If this is just due to cost or time Limits, maybe 343 could set it as a low priority and if they do not finish the model in time, they might add it as an update?
And even if they won't Change it, I'd still want to know if These armors are now canon? I'd always imagined Thel's elites would look like the ones in the H3 manual
They are canon. Much like a ton of other armours including the combat harness, commando, infiltrator, assault, invader, outrider, ranger, flight, or ascetic harness.
Yes, but is it Canon that Thel's elites now look like that and use that armor? So in following Comics, will we see them like in H5?

It is canon that they can look like that. Because of all sorts of limitations, you are almost never seeing the whole picture of the "full" diversity of the universe when you are playing a game, watching cinematics, animation, etc. It's merely a slice of what is possible, amidst varying interpretations. If you were to imagine Thel's (not Theo's ;-) ) forces in "real life", you would undoubtedly see Sangheili of varying looks, shapes, and sizes, wearing different types of armors. Just because you only see a narrow selection within a single medium, doesn't mean that the other options are necessarily replaced or overwritten.

This has to be the 343rd time I've tried to explain this lol, but I soldier on for the greater good...




GrimBrother One -

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