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Lone Wolves, gear up for Season 2 of Halo Infinite! Experience fresh content including new maps, modes, themed limited-time events, and an all-new Battle Pass that never expires.



Featuring over 100 tiers of rewards, including 1,000 Halo Credits, the Lone Wolves Battle Pass offers players incredible value in a package that never expires. Play matches, earn XP and unlock Lone Wolves-themed rewards at your own pace; once purchased the Battle Pass is yours to keep and complete at your leisure.




Set amongst vast and arid dunes, Breaker comes to Halo Infinite as the first new Big Team Battle map. This Banished salvage yard features a massive, deadly plasma cannon, open passageways and soaring mechanical structures, helping foster exhilarating vehicle combat and Halo’s beloved big-team mayhem.


Enclosed within the cavernous depths of an abandoned Forerunner structure, Catalyst is the newest Halo Infinite arena map. Tight hallways, raised catwalks and perilously exposed light-bridges snake their way through overgrown ruins and towering waterfalls making Catalyst a well-balanced arena environment that’s ready for tactical, squad-on-squad combat.



The king returns with an iteration on one of Halo’s most iconic modes: King of the Hill. A neutral “hill zone” spawns on the map. When a player enters the zone, it is immediately captured and begins awarding progress to the respective team’s control bar. When a team's control bar is full, they score 1 point and a new zone spawns in a different part of the map. The first team to reach the score limit wins.


Serving as the inspiration for Season 2’s overall theme, the Interference and Alpha Pack events are the first narrative-driven multiplayer events in Halo Infinite. Launching as two separate events during Season 2, both the Interference and Alpha Pack events continues the Spartan Academy’s story, featuring Spartan Commander Agryna and introducing players to two new heroes: Spartan Dinh and Spartan Ecklund. Enjoy the event mode Last Spartan Standing coupled with a unique, FREE 10-tier Event Pass for both Interference and Alpha Pack.


Divide the enemy, conquer the zone. Land Grab comes to Halo Infinite during the Fracture: Entrenched Event and will remain available throughout Season 2. In this new objective-based arena mode, both teams fight for control over three neutral zones. Players score one point for each successful capture and will trigger intermission after the successful capture of all three zones. After intermission, new neutral zones become available for capture. The first team to score 11 points wins.




Cortana’s dominion has ended, but the merciless forces of the Banished have rushed in to fill the void, decimating all who stand in their way. Spartan Commander Agryna has enlisted a new generation of Spartans and is preparing them to face the Banished—and perhaps even more dangerous foes. But a few scattered Spartans remain in the field. These Spartans are rugged and resourceful. Hunters in the dark. Lone wolves.


Spartans Dinh and Eklund have arrived at the Academy by commandeered Phantom. But despite their attempt to find a safe haven, they have brought a new danger to the doorstep—one that threatens the security of the entire facility. While Spartan Dinh’s life hangs in the balance, the race is on to learn more about the enemy within.


Even before she was approved for recruitment into the Spartan-IV program, Laurette Agryna displayed exemplary leadership and the willingness and capability to make every soldier around her better. For Agryna, every challenge is an opportunity to grow and learn from, so that solutions can be shared to the betterment of her team, the UNSC, and humanity as a whole. Spartan Agryna is currently the acting commander of the Avery J Johnson Academy of Military Science, helping ensure that the next generation of Spartan super-soldiers are ready for any challenge thrown their way.


Hieu Dinh was a field analyst with ONI Section III tasked with capturing and re-purposing Covenant technology before ultimately being recruited into the SPARTAN-IV program. As a new recruit, Dinh’s fireteam was sent to raid a fledgling Yanme’e hive within a derelict Forerunner facility. The operation met a catastrophic end, leaving Dinh seriously wounded and claiming the lives of his team. But while Hieu still bears the scars of this horrific experience, his amiable, resilient personality still lets this fierce warrior flash a smile in the face of impending death—a resilience he will need now more than ever.


Economical in both word and movement, Sigrid Eklund’s calm and reserved demeanor is evidence of her deeply strategic mind. Before recruitment into SPARTAN-IV, Sigrid's skills were finely honed during countless unconventional warfare operations as a UNSC Army Ranger, operating deep behind enemy lines to support resistance groups and eliminate key targets on Covenant-occupied worlds. This experience serves her well in the current conflict, particularly against the Banished and their rapidly-evolving strategies.


Devious, cunning, and abrasive, Iratus is a Banished artificial intelligence construct—the first of its kind. Though trapped by Spartan Dinh near the shipbreaking yards on Camber, Iratus infiltrated the Spartan’s neural matrix, compromising Dinh’s armor systems and cognitive functions. Spartan Eklund managed to successfully pilot a commandeered Banished Phantom to the Academy to seek emergency assistance from Spartan Commander Agryna, but whether their efforts to save Dinh’s life are successful remains to be seen.


LV106: According to the breach logs, the intrusion package was cycling an internally sourced encryption, but the retrieval signature was Jiralhanae.

LV038: I'm not surprised. Expanding our neural matrix donor pool beyond humanity was always going to draw some attention eventually. Knowing what they took, it makes complete sense.

LV106: That project was a walled garden. No one on the outside should have even known about it.

LV038: Looks like we overestimated the strength of those walls.

LV106: What would the Banished be able to do with our tech? How would they even kno--

LV038: I don't know. Nobody does. And that's what scares me the most.