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The Flood

A look at the ancient alien parasite known as the Flood.

After a hundred millenia, the parasite known as the Flood escaped from Installation 04, activating the threat of the Halo Array imperiling not only humanity, but all sentient life in the galaxy.

The Covenant

A look at the alien empire known as the Covenant.

In 2525 CE, a religious alliance of alien species known as the Covenant began a vicious campaign of genocide against humanity. The war that would follow lasted over two decades and brought humanity to the brink of extinction.


A look at the UNSC and its role in humanity history.

The United Nation Space Command (UNSC) represents the armed forces of the United Earth Government (UEG) and maintains the policing and martial response to threats both domestic and alien.

The Brutes

A brief look at the history of the Jiralhanae.

The Jiralhanae, or Brutes, first, joined the Covenant in 2492 CE. Since then, they've seen a dramatic and eventful climb to power which culminated on October 20, 2552, when they were instrumental in the Great Schism.

The Jackals

The mercenaries of Eayn revealed.

A loot at the diverse and impressive Kig-yar race-their history, their culture, and their unique role within the Covenant.