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2526 continues.. Kind of parallel universe version here, but I loved the story of Paul and Carol.

UNSC news has been blacked out. To tell you the truth we’re all a little overwhelmed, a “state” a reporter is never meant to get into. No matter how hard I try my hands are still shaking as I try to absorb the scale of what has happened here.
When we got to Harvest we quickly saw that these aliens were not a peaceful race. We received an account of logs from the planetary AI as soon as we exited slipspace although they were somewhat corrupted and incoherent.
Harvest is…. was… a beautiful planet. We would sit out at night and watch the Tiara twinkle (my daughter’s word) as the cargo passed through and the boosters engaged. Some nights when all the strands were busy lifting you could clearly get to see the whole circle flush against the sky like a hollow moon.
Now all of that is gone. There is nothing left to look at, the planet has been decimated and every square inch of field, city, home has been incinerated at such a high temperature that the surface of the planet glistens like glass when viewed from space.
Word is that there are some survivors, a fraction of a fraction of the population. We’ve yet to find them though and I don’t know if you and the kids made it. I pray to god that you are alive and that we will soon find each other again.
Cutter is sending a force down to the surface to see what we can learn. The aliens have a large excavation site near the northern pole and we want to see what was so damn important that the whole planet had to be killed to get it.
Who are these aliens? Did we settle on their property? Could Harvest have been their holy land or something? Why did they do this? Why not negotiate? I always thought when we finally met aliens that they would be better than us, instead we have found something worse than ourselves.
Carol. Send me a sign.