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Hello Everybody!

This is Scorch933 reporting from the Other Delta Squad. Delta appears to be the nickname for Elite, wheter it be First SFOD-Delta, Delta 5-1, Delta Halo, or the Delta squad of REPCOMMANDO

I play a lot of Frickin Games. whether it be some good Light Guns or Racing on the wii, or a Tactical/Action Accesable Shooter. Ghost Squad, Conduit, Mario Kart, Modern Warfare, Rogue warrior, Halo, Halo2. al taht crap. I've beaten every game on every Frickin Difficulty. Except for the Final ODST level. I've played all the Custom Edition Campaigns. I don't have an Xbox 360, so I play them at a sort of gaming area. I listen to alot of Metal, and rock.

i reccomend to you Staind, Creed, and Metallica. I listen to some good Southern Rock such as .38 Special, or Don Mclean. Go get Mullet rock for all the southern rock bands I like.


Wolverines! Remember Somalia! Remember the Alamo! Remember Omaha Beach Remember that you Have Chores!!!

fax about myself. Age:13. Occupation: student World Records: none. Sea Wolf Score: 9,300. Favorite Game: Rogue Warrior. Sex: male. loves: halopedia, and other things. hates: his sister, Sanderson and ghost's Death. IRC name: Fixer40.