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Intro: Haloisthebest99


I am a person just like you. I get bored easily, I play video games, I fart etc. But I am not mean(unless someone is mean to me)I doubt that will happen though. But do not come on my wiki page unless you are new to Halopedia, are my friend or someone who is curious about me or wants to ask question.

Thank you!

What my SPARTAN looks like in Halo: Reach. My gamertag is Im American99(web link at bottom of) page.

About me

I am mostly boring, but when I am on the internet I am really chatty at certain times. I will not be on most of time time but I will on at sometimes. Anyways here are some things about me.

Location: San Dimas, California

Hometown: Langley AFB, Virginia (AFB means Air Force Base)

Occupation: None

Websites: (Im American99 Service Record)

Places I have lived: Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington (not D.C.), California

Schools: I go to a school but that is classified information.

That is all I can think of at the moment, I will update when I think of something to add to my page.

My halo service carrier

I just got Xbox LIVE that's why I look noob, I had to restart Halo: Reach because of Xbox LIVE, I had almost all of the armor and almost all of the ranks, then I got internet then I lost my offline status, so I restarted because I had to. My Xbox LIVE status is kind of noob but I have to deal with it. I am the Warrant Officer rank and I started like a month ago. My plan for my Xbox LIVE profile is to save up and buy nothing until I reach the very last rank of the game then spend all of the money on all of the armor, I still don't have the Halo: Reach achievement "Make it Rain" so I will get it when I reach the last rank of the game. I will make it sooner or later if not I will eventually make it.

Things about Halo I like

Some of the things I like about Halo, Halo: Reach to be specific, I like the whole game but there is things I really like about the game. Halo_Reach_Scorpion.png