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Greetings, welcome to Installation 777. I edit sister site Destinypedia and am not much active on here except for general purposes.

I'm here to fix any basic edits that others forgot, the usual sort of thing. Mostly I am here to fix things so I can continue my research about Halo, starting with the timeline (woefully incomplete linking-wise), and continuing out from there. Maybe I'll get myself involved in the projects here, but my only flaw is I know almost nothing about Halo. No matter, I can be the cleanup editor since I fancy myself to be good at grammar and basic spelling.

If you're interested in fiction, especially Destiny fiction (though I plan to write a Halo/Destiny crossover one of these days) check out my fanfiction profile. It's where I spend the majority of my time.

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I find the Forerunner lore and everything related to be immensely interesting.

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