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Transformers Electro, Soundtrack, Pop Halo novels Halo, Call of Duty, Rainbow 6 Potato Mtn Dew

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Beating most Halo games on legendary. Getting high killing sprees.

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Getting killed by friendly AI on legendary.

Anything else

Reach is still my favorite.

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Tick.JPG Done. I might upload an image of what it should look like when you view the source so you can get an idea.


So much to explain- Go here for the details. Basically I opened up the source code for the website and extracted the images from there (since you can't right click to obtain them).


They don't look bad in my opinion. Before I do, if you have those JPG's saved on your computer you can open them up with "Paint" and save as a PNG format (@ least w/ windows 7). Unless you rather have me grab them fresh from the H4 guide.