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Sometimes I do that to. What do you think about the sections regarding gameplay? I find them pretty lacking, and while canon rocks, I feel many people comming to this site will want to get some tips and statistics. Any thoughts?


yea. I've been here for a few months and only have 35 edits, most of them very small, and in two days you're up to 5. That's kinda embarassing for me :)


Wait, how long ago didn you join? If it's as recent as it seems I really need to pick up the slack.


Get rid of "managed" after "Crimson" in the third sentence and your good.


You can adjust it to sound better if you want, I just recommended you maintain the writing style in past tense. It already happened so its not supposed to be "happening" while I read it. In other words it shouldn't be reading like a script. For example it shouldn't say: Crimson is firing at the Covenant while they make their escape. It should say: Crimson fired at the Covenant while they made their escape.