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Kristoffer Jonassen

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Hobbies & interests

Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Submarine, The inbetweeners, Heroes, Sherlock, Skins, Breaking Bad Oasis,The Strokes, the Kooks, Noel Galagher, Beady Eye, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The View, A-Ha, 8-bit Music, Miles Kane Lord of the rings, Halo: the fall of Reach, The Hobbit Halo: Reach,Halo 3, Halo CE (Anniversary), Just cause 2, Assassins creed: Brotherhood, Halo 4, FEZ, Mega Man Series (original), Mirror's Edge, Super Mario Bros. 3

Favorite Halo moment

When Noble Six hands Cortana over to Keyes

Worst Halo moment

When i saw Carter crashing into the scarab to protcet humanitys last hope...

Anything else

I think i like Halo...

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