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Recommended Specifications for Great Screenshots:

  • Rule #1: The image screenshot(s) need to be of high-quality, high-resolution material. Nothing too small and blurry. High-definition screenshots is a must, so make sure that they are nice, big and no details obscured by blurriness. Weapons screenshots must also be as straight as can possibly be. Most vehicles screenshots need to be at an angle, but side and front views are acceptable. As for sizes, 1536x1152 and 1920x1080 are good sizes, but other numbers greater than this one standard size are also appreciated, especially if it is the difference between horizontal and vertical images.
    • Lighting has to be just right, not too dark and not too bright.
    • Must have little or no shadows to obscure essential details.
    • Background must be the right color in order to make the object, whether it be a weapon, vehicle, or character, to be able to stand out clearly with no details obscured.
      • With weapons screenshots, recommended background colors are a desert sand color, or metallic/stone grey, or a nice grassy green. Must be on the ground, not a Forge spawning point, it will have a "St. Elmo's fire"-type blue light teardrop! 1920x1080 is the best screen resolution. If not, then two 1536x1152 of both long end-sides of the weapon is welcome, and can be stitched.
      • For character screenshots, the background can be any light color, as long as the lighting is just right! Also, make sure character is seen at an angle, like this example image provided here.
      • For vehicle screenshots, specifications are the same as all the above, if it is remotely possible at all. Please do the same as you would with characters. If you're not sure, try looking at this example image provided here. Finally, with some armed vehicles, no weapons may be shown being fired, as this messes up the lighting of the image, and thereby causing large segments of "white spots" on the frame of the vehicle.

Hope this helps, and thanks for helping to improve the wiki!

NOTE: Some screenshots may not be able to be obtained through Theater mode and Panoramic Camera Mode, and therefore may require additional tools for modding and extraction, such as the Halo 3 Screenshot Extractor, the Liberty Mod Tool, and the Xbox 360 USB Storage Explorer. Also, for Halo: Combat Evolved, please see Subtank's Essential tools for HCE page. For Halo 2, use of the Blind Skull (which must be found manually) and the PrtScrn (Print Screen) button found on PC computers and a Windows program called Fraps works well too.