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The following is a list of tools created by Subtank for those wishing to improve Halo: Combat Evolved content. This guide provides the necessary tools that enables a user to break the game engine and capture content previously inaccessible to a player.

Disclaimer: these are tools utilised by Subtank while exploring the world of Halo: Combat Evolved, v1.09. While they have been proven safe for her use, it cannot be said that these applications may work for other users. As such, use at your own risk.


  • AllDev - The Developer Mode. Updated for v1.09 use.
  • CD Key Recoverer - To know one's CD key. Alternatively, one can refer to their computer's registry if they know how to.
  • DevTrainer - A simplistic version of the AllDev. One advantage over AllDev is the freeze time feature, something the AllDev can't do without going through complex commands.
  • Screen Options - What the Malfunction Skull from HCEA does; hides the HUD. Also does more than the skull.
  • Sky's the Limit v2.0 - Allows changing the POV. Also includes an AllDev feature.
  • SparkEdit - Allows one to inspect the tag of an original map from HaloPC. Note: don't use this for Halo: Custom Edition.

Campaign overview

  • A10: Pillar of Autumn
  • A30: Halo
  • A50: Truth and Reconciliation
  • B30: Silent Cartographer
  • B40: Assault on the Control Room
  • C10: 343 Guilty Spark
  • C20: The Library
  • C40: Two Betrayals
  • D20: Keyes
  • D40: The Maw