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November 9th

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"Unfortunately the department stores here (Australia) have mostly stopped..."
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"Karen's "Wesshar Wars" original series is worth reading too (6 books)...."
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"Oh, OK :). I'm still looking forward to the next Karen Traviss novel and..."
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"Hi SG, I haven't been on much either - lost a bit of enthusiasm. I saw "..."
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"Spending too much time on the Internet as usual! How about you?"
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"Yes, I have Ripa :) Also 5 Sangheili from various Halo 3 series and 3 Sa..."
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Female, born 1970

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Avatar, Event Horizon, Halo Legends (The Duel), Ran, Star Wars I tend to fall asleep when watching, so no particular favorite shows :) - but I mainly like nature and science documentaries Trance, ambient Lord of the Rings, Halo novels, any sci-fi with spaceships and aliens Chocolate Coffee

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Noooooooooo,that sucks! Then I'll collect for the both of us.


Oh Zusatee your lucky you have me as a friend,because there is more than one place where the figures are sold.Their sold at walmart,gamestop,toys r us,walgreens,and target.I'm pretty sure there are more places. So don't stop collecting because so many new ones are coming out that you have to get.So I'm asking you to keep your hope alive and collect.


I can't wait for the next Karren Travis novel either I love her Gears of War novels,as for Halo 4 I'm really excited for that to come out,and I definently can't wait for the Halo 4 figures.


I didn't lose my enthusiasm for Halo I just forgot my login.As for Prometheus I haven't seen it.HOw is it?


Hey Zusatee I just wanted to say hey since I haven'y been on in forever.