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Basic information
Real name

Murdoc - 007


Sharman Base, United Kingdom


New Alexandria, Eposz, Reach.


April 2nd, 1993


Captain Of Falkans of Dawn (Elite undercover Spartan/Sangheili private fighting force)

Places I've lived

Lister, Aigburth, Ganymede. Elysium City, Eridanus II.


Lister City Primary Education Facility Number 527

About me

Murdoc-007 – Brief Summery

Spartan 007 was born on 2nd April 2525 in the city of Lister in the state of Aigburth on Ganymede. At the age of seven, he was abducted by agents of the Office of Naval Intelligence and conscripted into the first class of the SPARTAN-II program.

On October 31st 2552, Murdoc-007’s unit was preparing for a classified mission on Birmingham Station (Orbital Defence Platform) when the ONI stealth ship UNSC XXXXXXX tumbled into real space – being carried along in the wake of a freak slipspace anomaly. The anomaly intersected Birmingham Station, creating a semi-stable "bubble" in the space-time continuum on its way back to the 21st century. For the time being Murdoc-007 is trapped in the 21st century. He waits for a way to hopefully return to the year 2552.

Recent activity
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Personal information

Acha, Watu Wasio (They are not People), Fences FAC, Bilauri Yunja, Spy Kids 3: Game Over, 40 Year Old Virgin


Robot Chicken, The Big Bang Theory, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, The Simpsons, Two and A Half Men,


I do love the slam-bam beat of flip music, But I admit I love 20th / 21st century heavy metal / Rock music. Anyway I think Shreddin is one of my fave tunes ever :D not a classic I know but its awsome :P


I enjoyed Dr. Halsey's personal journal , I got it as soon as it was relised , and 7 days later ( 10th November 2552 ) I finished reading it :D

Video games

Halo, Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST, Halo Wars, Halo: Reach,


STARS Magazine and Car & Pilot Magazine ( I loved the stuff on the Hog :)


In the feild: Protein bars and Groob. I preferer : Chee-Z-Snax and Pizza.......


Blast Soda, Beer, Coffee , Cola and Whiskey ( not together)

Halo tidbits
Favorite Halo moment

Seeing Johnson get it on with that Stealth Sangheili at the end of halo ce on legandry. i often think they had a secret gay relationship.

Worst Halo moment

Cortana leval in halo 3.... it was just so god dam awful.

Anything else

Im bisezual , and kinda easy ;) message me on the board if you want some ;D

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