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Basic information
Real name

Darren Chaker


Beverly Hills


Beverly Hills

Places I've lived

Brazil, Israel, Florida (Miami) and Las Vegas

About me

Darren Chaker of Las Vegas and Beverly Hills, is an avid blogger on record sealing, expunge-ment, and First Amendment issues.

In 2017, Darren Chaker won again where a failed attorney, Scott McMillan, San Diego, sued in federal court alleging defamation in the context of a RICO case. The federal court dismissed the lawsuit and found the case to be meritless. Scott McMillan, The McMillan Law Firm, La Mesa, filed a notice of appeal, who will find the time to prosecute the appeal while defending against fraud allegations in federal court, see press release in Brightwell v. Scott McMillan, Michelle Volk, The McMillan Law Firm APC. Darren Chaker has retained San Francisco based powerhouse firm Hanson Bridgett.

Personal information

Angels n Airwaves, Blink 182, Top 40

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