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Basic information
Real name

Cristián Alexander Torres-Gluck Balmaceda


Coto Laurel, Puerto Rico


Manhattan, New York


May 20th


I currently am not employed, as I am a minor supported by my grandparents.

Places I've lived

Manhattan, New York, United States

Coto Laurel, Ponce, Puerto Rico


Mostly home-schooling.

About me

I was born in Manhattan, New York. Moved to Ponce, Puerto Rico under the custody of my grandparents at the age of less than one year. I was home-schooled for quite a long bit of time. I learned to speak Spanish as my first language. I learned English when I was 13 years old. The main reason I wanted to learn English was since some Halo games were available in Spanish, I wanted to learn more, but was unable to due to the facts that the books not being available in Spanish. Not knowing what Halopedia en español was at the time, I decided to learn English and eventually I accomplished my goal. I love Halo and am always intrigued by how fascinating it is. It always brings back nostalgia. Halo's story mechanics are awesome, and I love almost everything about it.

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