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Brain Slug 999
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Basic info

Brandon - Spartan 999

Hobbies & interests

-Transformers 1 and 3, but not 2. They could have done a better job with that one... -Halo Legends: PROTOTYP3 and 1337!! -Spongebob Squarepants movie (yes I'm serious) -Ocean's 11 and 12 -Bourne series -Transformers G1 and Animated -Classic Spongebob. (East? I thought you said Weast!) -Chowder and Gumball -SWTCW animated -Sym-bionic Titan -Daft Punk. Television really does rule the nation, if you know what I mean... -The Clarks. -Audioslave. -Franz Ferdinand... Wait... HE LIVES! NO MORE WW1!!! -Any Halo book is fine with me. -The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen -Transformers: War for Cybertron -Transformers: Fall of Cybertron -Armored Core series -and last but not least... ALL TEH HALO GAMES (which I happen to own)!!! -Gameinformer -Lego Club/Brickmaster


-Any burger I can get my hands on, but especially the Three Cheese Big Farm Burger from Bob Evans -Mtn. Dew -Dr. Pepper -Orange and Strawberry Crush -Chocolate milk

Favorite Halo moment

Favorite moment: using the MAC gun in Reach. Also: Armor lockin' like a boss and keeping out all the hater fists and swords. Armor lock has saved my butt so many times.

Worst Halo moment

Worst moment: Oh, geez. I'm gonna have to think about that one... Also: Headshot. Buckshot. Headshot. Stuck-BOOM! Headshot. Buckshot. All of those things that you can't counter with more shooting. :/

Anything else

I love the smell of burnt spartan-II head in the morning... Nice and crispy, and cooked to 'perfection'.

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