Type-56 needler/Gameplay

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  • Smart scoping with the Needler is not as effective as it might seem; while it does increase the range at which the needles track their target, their flight speed remains unchanged. If engaging a target who is aware of you, fire from the hip for best results.
  • If you end up on the wrong end of a Needler, a quick thrust around a piece of cover can save your life. Follow up with a grenade to deter the Needler user from following you for a clean getaway.
  • Warzone and Arena feature two additional variants of the Needler, each being situational but efficient upgrades:
    • Hailstorm: basically a straight upgrade to the standard Needler with a 50% larger magazine, faster needles, and slightly stronger tracking.
    • Talon of the Lost: an anti-vehicle/anti-armor Needler. While not as efficient against something heavy like a Scorpion or Phaeton, it works well enough against Ghosts and Mongooses, as well as armored enemies or even bosses like Hunters, Promethean Knights, Goblins, and the Warden Eternal. It also appears in the seventh campaign mission Reunion.
      • No matter the version of Needler you use, don't spare the ammo; if you think you have enough rounds in the target to kill them with a supercombine, hit them with a few more.