Terminal (Halo 4)/Three

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Lord of Admirals
The second Terminal in Halo 4 campaign level Forerunner.
The terminal underneath the platform leading to the next area.

Campaign level: Forerunner
En route to the first pylon, the player will reach a symmetrical platform. After clearing the Prometheans in that area, John's HUD will be distorted, which prompts him to ask, "What's that distortion?" Under the door leading to the next area is the terminal.

Humanity's war plans are revealed.

A Forerunner fleet orbits a Forerunner planet. A shuttle enters one of the planet's portals. The scene switches to a shot of many tall towers.

  • Didact: "My love. Put fear from your heart."
  • Librarian: "War is your realm, Didact. Not mine."

View of a large room with a holographic table in the middle. Lifeworkers float across the room, doing various tasks.

  • Librarian: "And you march to this war, facing foes that, while always aggressive, were never so aggressive as they are now."

The Librarian turns to face the Didact.

  • Didact: "Your fears are unfounded. The enemy will be turned, and I shall stand by your side once more."
  • Librarian: "Promise me that."
  • Didact: "I promise you. Nothing will stand between us."

Outer space, over a Forerunner planet. Several human starships drop out of slipspace and approach the planet. Lord of Admirals Forthencho stands on the bridge, looking expectant.

  • Bridge Officer 1: "Lord of Admirals. We are in position over the Forerunner planet."
  • Forthencho: "Show me."

A holographic image of the planet appears in front of him. He manipulates the image with his hands.

  • Bridge Officer 2: "Population numbering over two billion. Forerunner ships on alert and inbound."
  • Forthencho: "Is it possible? Have we gotten ahead of it?"

The image of the planet turns red in several places.

  • Bridge Officer 2: "Flood infestation detected, My Lord."
  • Forthencho: "Damnit!"
  • Bridge Officer 2: "My Lord? The infestation is in a remote locale. Perhaps if we warn the Forerunners...?"
  • Forthencho: "If we warn them, we give the Flood time to spread. You know we have no choice. Cleanse the planet."

Flood biomass spreads across a Forerunner structure. The camera pans to the sky, and the scene rapidly flashes to white as the orbital bombardment begins.