Terminal (Halo 4)/Seven

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The sixth Terminal in Halo 4 campaign level Composer.
The terminal situated within a cave inside the Composer atrium.

Campaign level: Composer
In the atrium which contains the Composer, the Terminal is located within a cave across from where John-117 originally enters the atrium after meeting Dr. Tilson.

As the Flood advance, a terrible plan is enacted.

Flood-infested ships hover above a planet as the Mantle's Approach drops out of slipspace. A door on the bottom of the Mantle's Approach opens and multiple Knights fly out to attack the infested ships. A Knight lands on one of the ships and cuts an entrance into the ship, allowing it to go inside. Soon thereafter, the ship, along with two others explode from the inside. The Didact watches from his flagship.

  • Didact: "The Flood is still too strong. Perhaps if I had greater numbers..."

He looks at a holographic representation of a Halo installation. On its surface, the humans go about their daily activities.

  • Didact: "Humans, your kind brought the Flood to our shores."

The Mantle's Approach hovers over the human village.

  • Didact: "Now you will aid in ending its threat."

The Composer activates, digitizing everyone in the village. Cut to black and then fade in to show the ashes of the human remains touching the Librarian's hand.

  • Librarian: "They were to be safe here. I ensured they would rise once more; better than before."

Two Lifeworkers survey the area where the humans were digitized. The Librarian turns to face the holographic representation of the Didact.

  • Didact: "Your pets have a nobler purpose ahead of them."
  • Librarian: "You do not face me in person after your deceit!"
  • Didact: "I have an army to build from the raw materials harvested this day. The citizens of this Halo are my first conscripts and with them in my thrall, the Flood will meet its defeat."

On the surface of Requiem, the Didact is talking to the holographic representation of the Librarian while he is surrounded by Knights.

  • Didact: "Humanity's loss of its biological form will serve as final payment for their crimes. It is a kindness they do not deserve."

Cut to black and then fade in back to the Librarian.

  • Lifeworker: "What will be done?"
  • Librarian: "Move the other humans to safety. Ensure the security of their index samples; they must finish what we have failed to do."

The Librarian proceeds to walk away.

  • Lifeworker: "Librarian, where are you going?"
  • Librarian: "To stop my husband's madness."