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Monitor Report: Divine Inspiration
The ninth Terminal in Halo 2: Anniversary campaign level Quarantine Zone.
The terminal is a Forerunner terminal in the lower level of the first large room in the crashed Sentinel manufacturing facility.

Campaign level: Quarantine Zone
The terminal is a Forerunner terminal in the first large room in the crashed Sentinel manufacturing facility. It is on the lower level, beneath the platform on the far side of the room.

Am I a god?

Fade into the Threshold gas mine. A Phantom flies by the window. Pan across to 343 Guilty Spark as he follows Sesa 'Refumee down a hallway.

  • 343 Guilty Spark: "It is most unusual that in all the exploits of these Arbiters, you never mentioned their role in choosing their missions of redemption."
  • Sesa 'Refumee: "There is no role, Oracle."

He stops in front of a holographic terminal.

  • 'Refumee: "Once one of our commanders becomes an Arbiter, he belongs to the Hierarchs."

He activates the terminal, displaying a series of holographic recordings. 343 Guilty Spark studies the recordings.

Close-up of Guilty Spark.

  • 343 Guilty Spark: "These Hierarchs, they are the same High Prophets who control all the 'Holy Relics' you collect from my time?"
  • 'Refumee: "The same."

Terminal shows a holographic rendition of an Arbiter impaling an enemy Sangheili. Scene circles around toward 'Refumee.

  • 343 Guilty Spark: "And they use these relics to build your new weapons? And bring you the word of your gods?"
  • 'Refumee: "It has always been so..."

Scene fades to High Charity, where a Hierarch is studying the same holographic image as 'Refumee and Spark.

  • 343 Guilty Spark: (voiceover) "Interesting... Am I a 'Holy Relic?'"
  • 'Refumee: (voiceover) "I... I do not understand."

The Hierarch glides away from the hologram and joins two other Hierarchs who are gathered around several hovering Forerunner artifacts.

  • 343 Guilty Spark: (voiceover) "Because I am certainly not a god."

Close-up on another Hierarch who has his hands raised in prayer.

  • 343 Guilty Spark: (voiceover) "I am a tool. As is this mining platform you stand upon. As was the installation that once orbited the planet."

Scene pans up to focus on the one of the floating artifacts, before cutting to a close-up of the first Hierarch as he too raises his arms in prayer.

  • 343 Guilty Spark: (voiceover) "The Forerunners' technology is lasting and indeed quite powerful. But I'm quite certain they would have told me if I was infused with some kind of 'divine power.'"

Overhead shot of the Hierarchs as they continue their prayer.

  • 343 Guilty Spark: (voiceover) "I suspect some of your Prophets may have been quite aware of how much 'divine inspiration' tools such as myself could provide."

Fade back to the gas mine with Guilty Spark and 'Refumee. Cut to a close-up of Guilty Spark.

  • 343 Guilty Spark: "And you never questioned these proclamations?"

Cut back to Guilty Spark and 'Refumee.

  • 343 Guilty Spark: "Even your mightiest warriors? These Arbiters never questioned?"

'Refumee lowers his head slightly.

  • 'Refumee: "Questioning is what brought shame to the word 'Arbiter' long ago, Oracle."
  • 343 Guilty Spark: "How disappointing."

Cut to a long shot of 'Refumee and Guilty Spark standing in the hallway.

  • 'Refumee: "I fear now that there are many questions we should have been asking for a long, long time."

Cut back to focus on Guilty Spark.

  • 343 Guilty Spark: "I would be more than happy to answer any such questions, but I have a few more for you. Continue your tale of these Arbiters."