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Thrashers are not only on the mission Shield World. When playing the Skirmish map Release, if you open up the Flood Contaminent Facility, Thrasher Forms appear with the other Flood.

New form?[edit]

Sorry, i had to put this somewhere, so i put it here! Anyway i found on Halo Wars, I beileve on level 08 or 07, there is a flood form called a "Flood Stalk" It resembles a short tree (a little taller than a marine) That has three small pods growing on it. If destoyed, it will release a swarm of infection forms. Should we add this to the list? PsychoThunder

Isn't a flood stalk just three Flood Growth Pods? We already have an article for those. - Keybored6522, who is too lazy to log in