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Oracle Newsletter Volume VII for Oracle Newsletter Volume VII

March 18, 2007
The Oracle
The Unofficial Newsletter of Halopedia

Hello, Oracle Newsletter Volume VII, and once again, the Oracle bids thee tidings in this release of the Oracle Newsletter, for the week of March 18, 2007!

Wha's goin' on?

  • "SMOOTH AND AWESOME OMG" was Frankie's reaction do doing something he was told not to this week. Apparently the profile build of Halo 3 is epic and awesome, but still 100% Halo, but incredibly big and stuff, which is what some of us (*cou-GUESTY!-gh*) have been asking for for a looong time.
  • Huge rippling splash for Banshee (and probably (very soon) Wraith) mortar splash in the water. Oh, I tell you, I just can't wait for Halo 3... not as much a fan of water as Mr. Fortnight, but what do you expect, he was born on an island surrounded by water. Still, gonna be good...
  • 110 days remaining until the release of the renowned Halo 3 in November...

Local news

  • The UNSC of Halopedia has been merged into the Covenant of Halopedia, which really doesn't make sense, but whatever. Just so long as we don't use them to form political parties and hate each other and all that... hopefully the merge will help to prevent that, but whatever.
  • HALOPEDIA WARZ!!! No update for this match on Saturday the 17th, but a quick summary: RelentlessRecusant and Guesty-Persony-Thingy (Sexy Pink) vs. Digipatd, Ryanngreenday, ProperRhombus (who's that?), Caboose, and O'Malley (Lee-muh Orange). 250 - 160, sexy pink. I think I heard "an orgy of Guesty" being said somewhere, probably due to my KILLTACULAR! that I got at the bottom of the sniper tower. RR got 97 medals, 50 snipes. Crazy. Everyone except O'Malley killed me the most. :( See the game in detail at Bungie.net (note: team colors messed up)
  • See El Joke at the top of RelentlessRecusant's userpage...
  • As to quote Vamis vinam...Whoadamn!...see Donut THX 1138 admitting his unkewlness before R2here! =D
Meet Someone New!

News-You Have Seen.jpg

Phil.e. is the distinguished community member of the week! Although here for only two weeks, he already has over 450 edits! Who-hoo! Furthermore, already he's one of the three founders of the UNSC of Halopedia! His userpage is also completely made of home-made userboxes and he's already written an Halopedia article at Wikipedia! You can speak to him at his talk page. Once again, meet Phil.e! Wow...he's the newest user ever to be featured...i TeH am very confused...*RR slaps GPT for no appearant reason*

Production Manager: RelentlessRecusant
Staff Writer: Guesty-Persony-Thingy
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