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Monaco Skin Bugs Returned?

Story by JEA13
June 9th, 2009


You all remember the fuss that had been created about the change of the skin some months ago. You all remember the extreme amount of bugs the change brought as well. Well, we should take another look at them, because they have returned. You might as well do not believe me, but almost no one of these bugs I post below were present before that change.


  1. Check the sidebar. Go to Guidelines, and take a look at the fourth link. "Editing $1". Remember that from the first time?
  2. Try to make a comment on a blog. Sometimes the post will appear twice, or it will not appear at all. There is also a remote chance that after a refresh, the comment will be removed.
  3. If you get an award by Halopedia, open your awards page by clicking on the notifier on the Main Page. The award will not appear, and the notification will stay on the Main Page until you get a new award and reopen the page. Again, however, it might not show up, however the notification will be gone.
  4. Try to send a Friend Request. 30% of the times, the request will not even be sent. Another 50%, the request will not be able to be accepted by the other user.
  5. Try to send a board blast. Select any recipients you want and write anything on the message. It will either say: Please submit your message" or "There are not any recipients selected.
  6. Go to a random page on Halopedia. The ratings template, although typed once, will create 2 rating bars. The one will cover the other, the normal, and will cover every link on the sitenotice as well.
  7. Random users gain random points without point whoring. Most notable example is this guy who became a Colonel without doing anything.
  8. Look at what the Blog Bottom template created!
  9. Try to vote on a blog. The vote will not be counted, and the votes number will always be 1.

Maybe we should contact wikia staff again? I think that is the best solution. Some of those glitches are old, but they are getting annoying...