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Summer Mythic Recon Challenge

Story by CommanderTony
June 8th, 2009


"Wonder what kind of SPF Recon has?" - Urk


For those wanting the fabled MJOLNIR Recon Armor, made famous by people such as the Bungie staff and Digital Ph33r, our good friends over at Bungie.net have come up with a solution for those that just simply cannot wait for the release of Halo 3: ODST on September 22nd!

"This week’s mission? Complete Floodgate on Mythic Difficulty and submit your entry for a chance to win Recon Armor. The rules are fairly simple. Load up Floodgate, make sure your settings are on Legendary, switch on ALL 13 skulls (both gold and silver), and also turn on scoring. When you complete the mission successfully, upload the film to your file share, and send me (Tyrant122312) a personal message on Bungie.net with a hyperlink to your film. If you don’t know how to create a hyperlink, the talented web designers of Bungie.net have provided you with a text legend at the bottom of every post and PM to instruct you on how to do it. Do NOT just simply copy/paste the url. You’re entry will be discarded. Don’t worry about tagging it either. Simply put “Mythic Difficulty” somewhere in the film’s description, and that will suffice."
— urk

The Summer Mythic Recon Challenge starts this Friday (June 12th), beginning at 12:00pm U.S. Pacific time, and lasts for seven days.

For more information on this week's events, or to see what the requirements are, stop by Bungie.net here.