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Waypoint Part of Halo Story

Story by ShadowBroker44
October 21st, 2009


First hint that Waypoint is more than just a community portal.


Halo Waypoint logo.jpg

In a recent interview with G4TV.com Jason Pace, the creative director for Halo Waypoint, hinted that Waypoint is just more than a place for community information.

""Waypoint is very much part of the Halo universe, and so as time goes on, we'll reveal a little bit more of the back story of what Waypoint is and where it fits into the canon.""
— Jason Pace

After this Pace had to stop talking about any other canon details but promised that "You'll find out more about it in the future". Well this obviously raises questions of how they are going to work canon into what has been marketed as a giant fan site. Besides that we don't know what kind of canon they are going to include. An ARG? Something that works into existing Halo canon? Or maybe just exclusive details. What do you think?