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Friday's Halo Feast (July 24th to July 31st)

Story by CommanderTony
July 31st, 2009


DinoBenn has a new weekly segment for all of you, stemmed from the plethora of feedback and requests all of you sent us. This new segment reveals ten rarely seen videos that he hand picked for you guys.


Attention all readers, editors and visitors of Halopedia. It has come to my attention that many videos out on the interweb are very good but not popular enough to be noteworthy. I hope to correct this, and so I present to you ten Halo Videos from the fans that you may not have seen before, accompanied by one that every devout Halo fan has seen. Without further procrastination, lets begin.

  • Let's start with an awesome rap from Chris1489 featuring an original beat and lyrics along with a video from the good days of Halo 2 here.
  • Now for TargetBrand2552's parody of "Party Like a Rock Star". Original lyrics, original Halo 2 video, and a recycled beat come together to form "Party Like a Spartan", the kind of music played at Spartan-II rave parties here.
  • One of my favorite from Skullkruncher13, "I Bagged a Noob" is a parody of Katy Perry's popular song, "I Kissed a Girl". Featuring original lyrics and footage, this is a very funny HMV, albeit not one of the best raps by the creator. Check out his other works if you like it here.
  • A parody of the song "Beautiful" by Christina Aguilera, "Beautiful Needler" centers around the best gun in Halo history, and is originally done by Archie Gates; it is only the music video that is from imSuck. It's pretty funny, so watch it, or else you might fall victim to lack of Needler trauma. A fate worse than death perhaps here.
  • It's the middle of July, and this rather original machinima points out exactly how we portray Christmas between intelligent thinkers and a stereotype. Guess which is which in this hilarious machinima here.
  • I saw this back when it first came out. Now, it still has very few views despite how funny it is. Incase you're wondering, the Pina Coladas song is called "Escape" and it is by Rupert Holmes. This video brings back memories. Bad ones. Of Team Doubles on Narrows here.
  • Very funny. This is a montage of the lack of thought put into spawn points on certain maps, displaying comical occurrences in which somebody spawns and then gets screwed over. Give it a watch, and if you like Jason Shaw's "Ice Cold", you'll enjoy this double what you usually would here.
  • If you've played Bethesda's game Fallout 3, you'll know what VATS is. In the case you haven't it allows you to select different parts of the body for specific targeting. This video is a take on what Halo 3 would look like with VATS. I don't know what the music is, but searching in the comments, it may be a remix of the Halo soundtrack here.
  • If you haven't heard the story of the man who came home from a business trip to learn his life had been ruined because of a chain of events, this kind of covers it, albeit much more comically. Pretty funny, pay it a watch here.
  • And here we go. An epic remix of cutscenes and game footage that was created by the most underrated HMV maker ever, Colt987. He gives us Roadrunner United's "The End" mixed with scenes from the trailers of Halo 3 and Halo Wars. First time I've seen an epic HMV since Halo2007 got banned and Mcloganator went YouTube. Enjoy it here.
  • Okay, well, EVERYONE has seen this last one right? The epic battle between Metroid and Halo? I mean, it might not be original music, pretty much all taken from the Halo soundtracks, but the idea itself and the fact that it was made not using the Halo engine is impressive. Watch it, because it's awesome, and remember the bonus scene after the credits here.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these videos, and remember, there is more to machinima than meets the eye. Good day!

You stay frosty Halopedia!


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