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Here is a list of quotes by Naiya Ray.

Halo: Escalation[edit]

Issue #2[edit]

  • "Did four years in SIGINT." — To Sarah Palmer after being asked about her background in communications.
  • "What are we hoping to find, captain?"
  • "But how will cutting into the local net help us reestablish communications with Infinity?"
  • "Captain Lasky, look out!" — When an Elite Warrior ambushes the two of them.
  • "These guys really like the sound of their own voice, don't they?" — To Lasky, after he takes on the Elite with a melee attack.
  • "I appreciate the assist. But… as it's my job to protect the captain of the Infinity, next time it might be more helpful he didn't get quite so hands-on—sir." — After killing the Elite.
  • "I understand the sentiment. Let's see what I can—oh wait this is no good already." — When discovering the cause of Ealen IV's comms disturbances.
  • "The transponders aren't going to help. The network itself is doing the jamming. They're broadcasting a variety of signals across the grid, drowning out any nonterrestrial transmissions."
  • "Why yes, they would… And that means I can track it."
  • "Just how inconspicuous do you think a UNSC fleet officer and a seven-foot tall girl in blue armor are likely to be?" — When Lasky suggests they find a way to sneak inside of the facility causing the disturbances.
  • "Ha. Much appreciated, sir. You're comfortable flying Covenant tech?"
  • "Sir, are you seeing what I'm seeing?" — Upon noticing that the Covenant are departing from the facility.
  • "Captain—I'm afraid we both know where they're heading…"

Issue #3[edit]

  • "Captain, pads secure. C'mon down."
  • "How big are we talking?"
  • "In progress." — While kicking a Plasma Battery into the facility's reactor and shooting it.
  • "Target neutralized, Captain Lasky. Comms should be clear."
  • "Captain, with the jammer down, I can track the Covenant crafts. Even at best speed—reinforcements will never make it down here in time."