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"It’s so shiny! Me seem to member things looking preeeeeetty bleak there for a while, with me an’ all the other Unggoy spendin’ years just mostly running away from green demons, or mean boss flappy-mouths who just wanted to make sure we got shotted at first. But now… well now the blue lady helps us. I meen, it’s weird and confusing and all because she used to help the green guy be mean to us, then she was mean to the green guy, then nice to us… I don’t know, she’s definitely the most confusing blue lady I’ve seen – I mean, she’s really the ONLY one I’ve seen, but whatevers. Anyway, she must have feeled bad for us getting’ kicked around all the time cause now she sends us stuff to eat and things to be builded…"
— Hamyap on the Created occupation of Balaho[1]

Hamyap is an Unggoy who currently serves under the Created.[1]


After October 28, 2558, Cortana and the Created arrived to Balaho and the Unggoy on the planet, including Hamyap, allied themselves with the Created. After this alliance, Hamyap reflected on the benefits the Created brought to the Unggoy, and believed Cortana was helping them because she felt bad for them for being mistreated by the Covenant and the UNSC.


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