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Introductory sentence should cover the basics of what the rank or role is. It should be important to consider whether the unit type in question is a rank, or whether it is merely a occupational specialty within the military. For a loose example, a grenadier is not a rank that any infantryman will eventually achieve - it is a specific job type and those in it may be Privates or Corporals. Similar consideration should be given to titles such as Storm and Ranger.

While this article is titled as "enemy" - due to the nature of predominantly focusing on enemies found in the Halo games - it is designed to be applicable to roles found across the Halo fiction across the Human, Covenant and Forerunner military forces.

Pages of this type should use Template:Unit infobox.


Roles and responsibilies

This section should cover what the duties of those who hold this title are; what is their job and what are they expected to do? What kind of subordinates do they lead, and who do they answer to?


This section is mostly relevant to unit types, rather than ranks themselves (IE roles such as Storm, Ossoona, Stealth or Ranger; ranks like Minor or Major may not need this). This section should describe how these units are placed within the relevant military structure of their faction; which branch, ministry, rate etc do they belong in? What kinds of unit (IE squads, lances, fireteams etc) make up these unit types? What ranks can individuals in this role have? If necessary, a sub-section dedicated to the unit's rank structure may be needed.


This section should be a BRIEF overview of the history of this unit type; when and why were they created? What notable actions have they had? This section does not need to detail every single appearance of this kind of unit, but a general overview is welcome.


This section should describe the arms and armament typically available to those of this given rank/role. If necessary, consider dividing it into more specific weapons/armour sub-sections.


Redundant trivia should be avoided. Glitches, Misc Information, and References subsections should be added here.



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