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This subpage provides guidance on articles covering "characters". For quick examples, refer to John-117 and Thel 'Vadam.


At the start of the article, the relevant infobox should be added along with relevant fields filled in. The introductory paragraph should include the character's full name. A brief background overview of the character should be included as well, though it is not necessary to list out events/details/tidbits the character is known for.

Relevant template(s)



The following is a list of relevant sections that should be added after the introductory paragraph:

===Early childhood/career===

The "Biography" section should present the background of the character in chronological order.

Information regarding the character's personality and traits should be detailed in a "Personality" section. Information under this section should only be of canon source; any real-world information should be relocated to "Production notes".

It is unfortunate that there is no helpful guideline on sub-sections or how to properly place a title for a sub-section. For example, certain characters would not have sufficient information on their early childhood for a "Early childhood" subsection while some do not have sufficient information on their early career for a "Early career" subsection. It might be appropriate to create a one-in-all subsection that could sufficiently cover these information. That said, editors are to exercise their own personal judgment when creating these subsection.

Real-world content

==Production notes==

"Production notes" is reserved for behind-the-scenes information. It should be titled as such; the section should be titled as "Behind the scenes". It should be noted that there might be an occasion where there is little information for a "Production notes" section. In such occasion, it would be appropriate to create a "Production notes" subsection under the "Trivia" section.

In some cases, it might be appropriate to dedicate a section on the character's appearance, specifically the graphical changes over the course of the franchise. This section should be titled as "Appearance". A good example of this would be John-117's changes from Halo 3 to Halo 4. This section should not be confused with "List of appearances" section.

Gameplay-related content should be kept separate from the article. It will be given its own subpage, linked via a linkbox.