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On October 2nd and 5th, the second novel in the Kilo-Five Trilogy, The Thursday War, and the first act of the film Forward Unto Dawn will be released. In accordance with the Spoiler policy, story content concerning these two new entries into the Haloverse will be restricted until the official release dates early next month. The release of Forward Unto Dawn as a webseries suggests that the likelihood of leaked content will be at a minimum, if anything. However, recently attached, in-error, a large excerpt from The Thursday War to include over a hundred pages from various sections throughout the novel. The only content that has been placed onto Halopedia since the excerpt was removed are relatively unimportant details such as the names of secondary characters and as no major story content has been written on them, they will be exempt from the Spoiler policy.

Halo 4, released a month following Thursday War and Forward Unto Dawn, will be treated as a more sensitive and severe case as with all game releases in the past.

This forum thread serves as a warning and refresher for Halopedia concerning these three products. All users are urged to strictly adhere to these guidelines and, when necessary, remove content that is in clear violation of the Spoiler policy. Registered contributors and anonymous editors alike are subject to the same punishment if they do not respect this policy. One warning will be given and any following disregard of the policy will be met with a one week suspension of user rights. Users who severely spoil content across the wiki may be subject to longer bans.

Thank you and have a great day! :)