Drowning Chromium

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Drowning Chromium was a band on Meridian made up of Dorian Nguyen, Hugo Chastain, Alex Linville and Xavier Dupont.


At some point between 2546 and 2548,[1] the band was formed by Hugo Chastain, Alex Linville, Xavier Dupont and Dorian Nguyen. By 2548, Hugo, Alex and Xavier had graduated from high school a few years before[2] while Dorian remained in high school.

In 2548, the band held a concert in the Brume-sur-Mer bomb shelter. However, the town experienced a brief power outage that interrupted the concert, though the band picked up immediately after it came back on.[3] After the concert ended, the band broke into an abandoned tourist house and sat around strumming their guitars until finally going home to bed shortly before dawn.[4] The concert drew the interest of Tomas Reynés who invited the band to play on his boat the next night.[1]

The following night, during Drowning Chromium's first song, the audience became distracted by what turned out to be a Covenant Ceudar-pattern heavy corvette on its way to Brume-sur-Mer. The corvette and several Yanme'e soldiers attacked the boat, sinking it and killing the hundreds of passengers. Dorian managed to escape,.[3] but Hugo, Xavier and Alex died in the attack.[5]

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